How to make money online by Clicking on Ads

Pay to Click or simply PTC is one of the easiest ways to make money online. All you need is an email account (for account creation), paypal/alertpay account (where they can send money), and of course a computer with internet access. It sounds easy, and it really is, but the hard part is the slow income, around 0.001 – 0.005 per click depending on the PTC site.

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The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak Food Review

One of the very first restaurants that I decided to start reviewing for my blog. Ironically, I forgot about it and only recently discovered the pictures while checking my cellphone. So that explains the low quality pictures and the very late post. Anyway, we ate at the Glorietta 5 branch.
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McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass is back with a new look

Extra Excitement in your McDonald’s Meal with the New Coca-Cola Can Glass Series!

The much-awaited Coca-Cola glass is back at McDonald’s – this time with an exciting all-new look!
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ToastBox Food Review

ToastBox is one of the Singaporean franchise imports that have arrived in the Philippines. Based on my research they are owned by the same group responsible for Bread Talk — a name of a bakery. We have seen several branches during our visit of Singapura a few months ago but never actually tried it, the funky Engrish name turned me off. But our interest was piqued when we saw a branch in Greenbelt 5. So we finally tried it out last saturday and here is our review.

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Wimbeldon 2011 Finals Result

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic won his first Wimbledon title and proved himself the best player in the world with a stunning win over Rafael Nadal. Djokovic came through 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3 to end Nadal’s reign as Wimbledon champion, before overtaking the Spaniard as world number one on Monday.It was his 50th win in 51 matches and his fifth win over Nadal this year. He becomes the first Serbian man to win Wimbledon, his third Grand Slam title after two Australian Open victories.

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Chelsea Food Review

We decided to have an expensive dinner in Serendra to make us forget the nasty Crocs Sale experience. After cleaning our sandals and feet of mud in a nearby establishment, we chose to take a short walk from the NBC tent in the Fort to Serendra. It was a decision that we quickly regretted as the rain intensified while we were in the middle of the street. Half of our body was soaked by the time we got to Serendra (squishy shoes and sandals), but it didn’t deter us from looking for a nice and cozy restaurant. Chelsea, the name of the restaurant, looked like a clean and well-lighted place (lol for the Hemingway reference). So we browsed the menu, saw the expensive food prices, and decided to try the place anyway.

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Bank Manager Robbed in Front of House

One of the managers here in the office, who works in a different team, lost her sports utility vehicle (Hyundai Tucson), company issued laptop and blackberry, as well as P46,000 in cash to car thieves in Marikina City yesterday.

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One-stop Shop for the Best Group Buying Deals and other Philippine Promos

These days, it is becoming harder for people to keep track of the awesome deals and promotions from different group buying sites, malls, airlines and even banks. Always being a victim of the “missed the promo by a day” syndrome, I have decided to put up a website dedicated to the accumulation of different promotions, discounts, freebies and cheap deals, to make it easier for the average pinoy and pinay to track and catch the best deals in town. So without further ado, here is my new website, aptly named: Philippine Promos

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Italianni’s Food Review

My wife and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at Italianni’s in Greenbelt 2 mall. We went during dinnertime and were seated at the 2nd floor. Italianni’s is one of our old favorite dating places, but we usually visit once a month because it is a bit expensive. It is also the restaurant where we first had lunch after I popped the question. Anyway, enough about me, let’s go to the food.

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Cheesy Tagalog Pickup Lines

In the spirit of amor and in celebration of my 1st wedding anniversary. Here’s some cheesy stuff mostly from the movie “Amnesia Girl”.
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Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play

I have always been a fan of FPS games (First Person Shooting), thus, it was quite a surprise when a friend invited me to play the new version of an old time favorite — Team Fortress a few months ago. It looks totally different compared to the old Team Fortress, the cartoony graphics and new jobs/roles are also a welcome addition. Continue reading

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Selecta Berry Strawberry Ice Cream

Berry Strawberry Ice Cream is one of the flavors of Selecta’s Gold Label Series. As usual, my innocent attempts to take a picture of the Ice Cream, in its unopened state, has ended in more weight gain for me. Fortunately, my wife does not mind my taking the first cup of ice cream, as long as I leave some for her. So this time around, I also took a picture of the first cup for reference and I also had an accomplice as well.

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Cheesy Pick Up Lines Turned Into A Song

I remembered this song during a chat with officemates about cheesy pick up lines. This song is always played right before the beginning of the 90.7 Love radio segment “Tambalan ng Isang Balasubas at ng Isang Balahura”, by the funny tandem of Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala. The song always brightens up my mornings when i’m stuck in stupid Makati traffic. You can watch and listen to the music video at the bottom of the post.
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