TV Series that I Follow

I’ve always been a fan of american TV series with genres ranging from action to comedy and even zombie horror. Recently, I’ve been hooked to MTV’s new TV series Teen Wolf. And although I admit to watching Glee, I only watch it for the awesome singing performances and not the annoyingly stupid teen drama.
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The Cafe Mediterranean Food Review

We decided to go here last Sunday after almost every other restaurant in Mall of Asia was full of people and had long waiting queues. A restaurant with a few customers during peak hours is usually a bad sign, but we weren’t bothered by this as we have already eaten here before and it wasn’t bad. I guess exotic food aren’t really a big hit with the pinoys… yet?

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Tender Bob’s Food Review

Steak, burger, fries, pork chop and more steak!!!! I’ve always been a huge fan of american food. Yes the unhealthy, greasy, heart disease-inducing kind of american food. Just thinking about the fats oozing from the juicy chunks of meat barbecuing on the grill makes my mouth water. In fact, one of my favorite shows on TV is called “License to Grill” by Rob Rainford. I highly recommend that show for the manly man who loves his food. :D Anyway, enough about that, let’s head on to Tender Bob’s food review. By the way, we ate at the Greenbelt 2 branch.

Pork Chops Php 215.00

Two pieces of pork cooked to an ideal tenderness, cut not so thick and not so thin, oozing with juicy goodness, and tastes like heaven. I agree with Tender Bob’s description on the menu, it certainly hits the spot!

Never fails to hit the spot

Ribeye Steak Hungry (5oz.) Php 260.00

We ordered this to be cooked medium-well. It tasted juicy and the mushroom gravy sauce complimented it well.

A local version of its US big brother. As good as its gets here at home

Our dining experience with Tender Bob’s was great, the ambience was cozy and the place was clean. They also had a huge LCD where you can watch the show they are playing. The price can vary from affordable to expensive, if you want to go all out and have money to burn, then try out their imported beef. A new addition to my favorite restaurants that serves american food.


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Sing: Hainanese Chicken House Food Review

The other half of yesterday’s lunch and my better half’s order. She loved Hainanese Chicken so much that it was almost the only thing she ordered throughout our whole vacation in Singapore. But her preference is the Singaporean version of Hainanese Chicken because it is steamed and boneless. So it was already decided that we would both eat at different restaurants (me at Sango and she  at the Chicken house), but we still wanted to eat together, because we’re clingy that way. Besides, it is sad, weird, AND depressing to eat alone in a restaurant. We chose to eat the food at Sango! because their chairs looked more comfortable. So she ordered her Hainanese Chicken Rice to go (or take out). This explains why the picture is in a take out box, anyway, on to the food review.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Php 180.00
As per the General’s review, it tasted like authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken. The rice was the real thing, it was not just ordinary steamed rice and the chicken was good. She only noticed a weird aftertaste in the ginger sauce.


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Sango! The Burger Master Food Review

Had lunch at the Edsa Shangri-La while waiting for the eye surgery to begin. I ate at Sango! The Burger Master and my wife ate at Sing Hainanese Chicken House. She had it for take out and ate at Sango with me because the couch looked more comfortable there. Anyway, here’s the food review:
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Dusit Thani Basix Buffet Food Review

We normally don’t go here unless it is a very very special occasion. However, it just so happened that CashCashPinoy had a group buying deal for Dusit Thani Basix at 50% off!!!! For those who want to know more about group buying, go here, and for a list of the best group buying deals, you can go here. The drawback was that we could only use the 50% off coupon during Monday to Friday (lunch or dinner) and Saturday (lunch). We also had to reserve in advance so that the place will be able to accommodate us and all the other people who bought the coupon (the deal counter reached almost 10,000!). When we availed of the promo last thursday, we unexpectedly met a friend and her husband who also bought the deal. Small world! Anyway, here is the food review, the camera ran out of battery so we didn’t have a lot of pictures.

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Naruto Manga 547 already out!!! :D

Fansubbed/Scanlated Naruto mangas usually come out on Thursday but it is unusual to have it today!!!
Get it while it’s hot! It is available for viewing at the usual websites:


And yes.. I’m feeling lazy today so err.. this was the best I could do heeheehee

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Balducci Ristorante Food Review

We met with friends from college and had lunch at Balducci Ristorante located in Eastwood Mall, Libis. The place looked expensive and so was the food, but the service was pleasantly accommodating and efficient. The menu was in Italian so the cavemen let the girls order the food. Below is a sample picture from the menu.
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Game-inspired Cupcakes found at Eastwood Mall

Saw some game inspired cupcakes at the Eastwood Mall last Sunday.
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Libingan ng mga Bayani Pre-Nup Photo Shoot

The Philippines is enveloped in a moral crisis with issues ranging from almost-naked men in thongs showing off their bikini lines in huge billboard ads along the capital’s national highway, to couples having their prenuptial photo shoot in the country’s “Libingan ng mga Bayani” or “Burial Site of Heroes”.

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SBC Packers and Maritess vs. the Super Friends by Rex Navarette

Resurrecting a classic joke by a Filipino American comedian, Rex Navarette, that went viral on the internet when I was still a freshman in college (a decade ago?).
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Journey into Travian

Travian is a free browser-based game that has gotten me hooked these past few weeks. I used to play this game a few years ago when it was still on version 2, but I stopped when the server ended/restarted because an annoyingly strong alliance was able to build the “Wonder of the World”. I wasn’t really interested to go back and play but my friends got addicted to it and I was dragged back in, besides it’s more fun to play with friends rather than random noobs found online.

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Angry Birds is now available on the PC for free!

Angry Birds is a game originally developed for the iPhone by Rovio Mobile, a Finland-based company. Players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield. As players advance through the game, new birds appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player.
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