One lazy and boring evening after work, I finally had the motivation to put up a website, or maybe it was just a lack of anything better to do. My previous blog was full of rants and I felt that it was not being useful to people who surf the internet (who wants to read about rants anyway?). I believe in the quote “hate begets hate”, thus, this new blog of mine will contain information about my hobbies (eating out) or other stuff that I have knowledge about, rather than negative things about people (mostly about bosses).

So what do I do? I usually eat out a lot (with my wife), look for ways to make money online, travel, watch anime, movies, or read american comics, manga, manwha (Korean manga), play computer games: browser based (Games in Facebook, Travian, and etc), PC, PS3, PSP and Wii. I also sell stuff on Ebay together with my wife as well as look for mall bargains or sale. By profession, I am an Oracle database administrator, you can also check out my Database Administrator site (I know! a married man with the mind of a ten-year-old… :-s).

This blog is primarily about food/restaurant reviews here in the Philippines, but it will also contain miscellaneous articles that I consider useful to other people.

So I hope you enjoy my newly reborn blog and get some useful information out of it. By the way, I live in the Philippines, in a city where the ruling political dynasty is a race of dark-furred Ewok midgets… Well.. there goes my “hate begets hate” quote ;)

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