Blacklisted Philippine couriers: Metrowide and Philfox

We have been users of Xend for years now. Xend used to be the only low-cost courier in the market, but nowadays we have more options, supposedly. Others offer much cheaper rates than Xend so we thought of trying them out. So far, we’ve only tried two other low-cost couriers, and both attempts were failures.


Wanting to try it out given its lower Metro Manila rates, we created an account in 2013 and tried to schedule a package pick-up the following day. Our package was never picked up.

It was unfortunate as they appeared promising – with the ease of online booking and the email confirmations (screenshot below). But the most important part of the service – the actual fulfillment of the service – it failed. We couldn’t even experience the delivery part, because the pick-up never materialized. Needless to say, we’re not booking with Metrowide Express again.



Apparently, “booked” does not necessarily mean it will get picked up.



Just recently we tried to register with another promising courier – Philfox, attracted to its low Metro Manila rates and slightly lower provincial rates (compared to Xend). Online booking was easy, and we hoped to have a successful delivery so that we’d have an alternative courier. We even instructed to bring extra waybills and pouches, looking forward to future deliveries.



But alas, Philfox stood us up. It’s ~9pm as I’m writing this and I doubt they’re coming at this time of the night. We tried calling their landline and mobile and also sent an SMS to their mobile earlier, during their supposedly office hours, but never got any response. Landlines were either busy or ringing with no one picking up, while their mobile “cannot be reached”.


We then had the unfortunate duty of informing our customer about the bad news – her package would be delayed because the courier didn’t show up to pick-up the package.


It’s very frustrating to encounter these from a seller’s POV, and for sure disappointing for our customers as well. Enough to make one wary of trying out newer low-cost couriers. Let this serve as a warning to people thinking of trying out their services. We’re probably better off with other couriers. There are a lot of other options out there. We don’t need to stick with couriers like these who don’t have a proven track record yet but have the gall to not to honor their commitments. Yes, the moment they (or their system/site) confirmed the booking is the moment they committed. Yet they did not deliver, in more ways than one.

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