The Cafe Mediterranean Bad Service, Worse Food

We arrived a few minutes before lunchtime at SM MOA on June 17, Father’s day (a sunday). Bad idea, as the mall was packed with families also celebrating Father’s day. Almost all the restaurants had long queues and we had to walk around the mall to find a place to eat. Happily, we found The Cafe Mediterranean with barely any customers, so we went in and I was irked when I realized the waiter was ignoring us as he was busy chatting with the cashier. It took him a couple of minutes to lead us to our seats.

My wife was craving for shawarma so we ordered the closest thing that they have; Gyro (pronouned as yeeh-ro). It took the restaurant, with barely any customers, 50+ minutes to serve the Chicken Gyros and another 15 minutes for the Beef Gyros. We believe our order was forgotten because after we followed up for the second time, the waiter came back to our table and double-checked our orders.

Chicken Gyro Php 90.00 (regular pita bread)

Bland chicken that fills up less than half the actual gyro with semi-stale pita bread. Gyros are cone-shaped so you can imagine how little meat is inside. The Chicken Gyro tasted so bad, my wife didn’t even finish it.

Beef Gyro Php 115.00 (regular pita bread)

Dry, funny-tasting beef, in a crumpled and hastily prepared pita bread. Such a sad waste of meat on poor food preparation skills.

The lack of customers during a holiday was already an obvious warning that says: “DO NOT EAT HERE”. We regret going to this place, the food is so bad, even I can prepare a better tasting Gyro at home. To wait for almost an hour for such bad tasting food is adding insult to injury, they also charge a whooping 10% service charge. Ridiculous as the service was non-existent, we had to follow up our food more than 4 times. Such a poor excuse for a restaurant, we will NEVER EAT HERE again.    

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3 Responses to The Cafe Mediterranean Bad Service, Worse Food

  1. sess cruz says:

    yeah, agree! We dined at Cafe Mediterranean – Power Plant Mall last friday (July 13) since I’m craving for gyro and kebab. We ordered beef gyro pizza – tasteless! I ordered lamb gyro plate, my golly it doesn’t taste so much as lamb and doesn’t look like one. I asked my hubby to taste it, he told me it taste like beef. They fooled us. Worst part, my hubby told to the head waiter that it doesn’t taste like lamb, the waiter said “Ok, sabihin ko po sa chef.” That’s it.

  2. Marla Moran says:

    Hi there. I am appalled by what is written here. I run the Cafe Mediterranean. I deeply apologise to all of you about the quality of the food and service. I regret to take this long to write here as I am not a frequent user of facebook.

    I have already contacted our people in MOA. This is NOT what gyros are supposed to look like. That has been addressed immediately. Managers and me, myself, have dealt with the staff involved. I’m so, so sorry and I have no excuses.

    About our branch in Rockwell, I was informed by my staff just recently about this comment about the lamb. I promise you that we use only lamb for our lamb dishes. We do NOT disguise beef under the guise of lamb. We checked our kitchens, and perhaps on that unfortunate day, they must have made a mistake, I cannot really say. We do get our lamb from Australia and New Zealand. We marinate it with certain products that take away the “gamey” flavour.

    I do hope to make it up to you who have commented here. You may get in touch with me at

    Please contact me as I must make it up to you. And thank you for letting me find out about this as now I know where exactly we need to fix our operation.

    My apologies once again and thank you for your comments.


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