How to Make Avocado Pudding

One of my childhood favorites, finding a big bowl of Tupperware in the refrigerator on Sunday mornings meant that mom was in the mood to make Avocado pudding (or maybe Avocado was just in season). So at the behest of my pregnant wife, I “decided” (a synonym of “ordered”) to whip up my own batch.

It’s a very easy recipe, even someone unfamiliar with cooking/food preparation can do this.

You need  the following:

  • blender
  • ice cubes –> 1 ice cube : 2 avocado (1:2 serving ratio or 1:2 cups)
  • Avocado
  • condensada (as per my sister’s advice, you can substitute this for sugar and milk)

Step 1: Cut up the Avocado symmetrically (both sides look the same). Do not cut through the tough seed, go around it.

Step 2: Take out the seed and scoop out the Avocado meat.

Step 3: Put the ice cubes and the Avocado meat in the blender. Press whatever needs to be pressed and look at swirling pieces of ice and fruit.

Step 4: When the mixture comes to a smooth and thick consistency, you may now begin putting condensada or sugar+milk. The quantity depends on your taste (if you have a sweet tooth, you may increase the condensada portion or vice versa). Just remember to do a taste test to get the desired outcome.



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