Dulcinea Food Review

Decided to try this place after hearing mass. Can’t really think of anything noteworthy to say on why we chose this restaurant or any notable past experience either, it’s just one of those times when we chose a restaurant on a whim.

Beef Salpicao Php 310.00
The beef chunks were cooked medium-well so it was more flavorful yet the blood was not dripping the way meat cooked medium-rare does. I liked how the beef was soft and easily cut and the potato was cooked perfectly, not too raw but not burnt either (could have been boiled).

Pescado ala Plancha Php 360.00
Grilled Fish in butter and garlic, a very lean and healthy dish. My wife doesn’t like it because of the strong salty taste of the fish.

Complimentary Pumpkin Soup
We liked the soup, very creamy and tasty.

Our dining experience with Dulcinea wasn’t so bad, although the food was served after 15 minutes or more and their credit card machine was broken so we had to pay cash.

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