Bubble Tea Food Review

One of my wife’s favorite milk tea places. We’ve been going to this place every time we drop by SM Megamall since the store opened 3 – 4 years ago, way before the recent Milk Tea hype. Anyway, we decided to have lunch in this place since the food isn’t too bad either.

Taro Milk Shake Php 135.00 and Jasmine Milk Tea Php 115.00
Their milk shake is one the best that I have tasted, and is way cheaper than the ones sold by NSG, Mr. Jones or TGIF. Their Jasmine milk tea has the right balance of sweetness and bitterness that I highly recommend to those people not used to drinking tea and want to get used to the milk tea hype. Sill, one of our highly recommended Milk Tea places, way better than Gong Cha, Cha Time, or yucky Serendipitea. In terms of taste, I would rate the following Milk tea places in the following order: Bubble Tea > Gong Cha > Cha Time > Serendipitea (Serendipitea’s strawberry milk tea tastes like strawberry flavored cough syrup!!!!) > Honey Lemon.

Fish Katsudon Php 195.00
A very unusual katsudon and obviously my wife’s order (more adventurous with food). Tastes ok, has cheese inside along with the fish fillet. The dish tastes pretty good except for the unusual seaweed wrap inside, kinda distorts the taste, but you can always remove it.

Katsudon Php 175.00
Classic Pork Katsudon, deep-fried pork cutlet and egg. Nothing special, tastes ok, the big serving size of the pork is also a good thing.

One of the best Milk Tea places out there, although slightly more expensive, the quality makes up for it. Also one of those Japanese-American Fusion restaurants in the Philippines, the food is good and the service is great. Definitely one of our staple dining places in Megamall.

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One Response to Bubble Tea Food Review

  1. Mich says:

    YUMMY (but expensive, but still yummy) milk tea!!!
    I still remember ordering a milk tea and received a milk shake instead, my first taste of their milk shake and it was also delicious!

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