Wham! burgers Food Review

I was feeling a bit hungry after buying tickets for a movie, so we looked for a place where I could grab a bite to eat before the movie starts. Peanut Butter Co. (PBCo.) was the first choice but decided to go there for dinner instead. So we ended up eating in Wham! Burgers which wasn’t a bad idea at all. Their burgers live up to their promise of only serving the freshest 1/3 pound burger (claims that their patties are never frozen).

Although it did take a while for the burger to arrive (approx. 13 mins), certainly a long time compared to the other fast food restaurants (Mcdo, Jollibee, etc.), but it was well worth it. It tasted like those expensive gourmet burgers you find in fancy restaurants. Overall, I liked their burger and would certainly come back for more.

Wham Burger Php 114.00

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