The Power of Six is now Available in the Philippines

The second installment of “The Loren Legacies” series, will the Loric children survive and outsmart the ruthless Mogadorians? Their story continues in this sequel to the smash hit “I am Number Four”. I am very interested in the “Sarah, John (Number Four) and Number Six” love triangle, who will John choose?

I just found out that the book is available in the Bonifacio High Street branch of Fully Booked at only Php 395.00  for the paperback edition and Php 648.00 for the hardcover edition. As much as I want to go out and buy it RIGHT NOW!… I have refrained from doing so, because I have promised myself that I will not buy a new book until I have finished reading the one I am currently reading, which is “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman. Only a few pages have been left unread, so I believe I can buy this book tomorrow.

*updates: Also available in Powerbooks Glorietta 4 same price.

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