Spaghetti Factory Food Review

Also known as the “First Italian Spaghetti Factory”, this is one of our favorite dining places. Relatively cheap for high quality food and service, plus the fact that you can mix and match the pasta and the sauce makes the Spaghetti factory a very unique restaurant. We used to visit the place very often that even the manager recognizes us.

Fish Fillet Php 219.00
Cream Dory fillet with mashed potato, mango relish, string beans and creamy mushroom sauce
Although I am not a big fan of fish, I still ordered this dish not just because of the awesome presentation but also its taste. The fish fillet is served with mashed potato in the bottom and top layers with a thin crust on the topmost layer propped by 4 string beans with mango on top. The cream-based mushroom sauce compliments the taste of the fish fillet and the mashed potato. I love this dish and I highly recommend it.

Chicken Breast Fillet Php 209.00
Filled chicken breast fillet with vegetables, mushroom cream sauce, basil and Parmesan cheese
This dish is served with rice and you can choose to have risotto rice or plain rice with no additional charge. Another delectable dish that is also one of our favorites in this restaurant. The broccoli, carrot and other vegetables are also fresh and crunchy.

Tiramisu Php 119.00
Rich Italian cream cheese cake, covered with chocolate
My wife loves their Tiramisu, the taste of the alcohol is barely noticeable and the coffee isn’t too overpowering. For me, I just like the presentation, the mocha powder prints of the fork and the other utensil (I don’t know what it is) looks nice.

Good food served with a smile a great place to impress a date without burning a hole in your wallet.

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