PBJ and Co (Peanut Butter Company) Food Review

The restaurant was featured in MYX a few months ago and it piqued my curiosity. I liked peanut butter and a restaurant that served all of its food with “peanut butter” as the secret ingredient sounds interesting (Iron Chef?). So we decided to try the restaurant when we chanced upon it while looking for a place to have merienda in the Mall of Asia.

Curry Chicken Spaghetti Php 185.00
It wasn’t the spicy kind of curry which I think was a good idea. I mean, spicy peanut butter curry just seems crazy. The sauce actually tasted good and I didn’t get an upset stomach or LBM afterwards which is great. I initially had some doubts with the food because my peanut butter experiments at home always ends up with me in the bathroom. 

Curry and Rice Php 165.00
This was my wife’s order, the Curry sauce used in the spaghetti was the same, so I guess there were no surprises there. The rice tasted stale, it tasted like it was frozen then microwaved without adding water to soften it up. We were a bit disappointed by the rice.

It was a very interesting restaurant. A very agreeable place when you’re planning to try something new, I would suggest to avoid the dishes served with rice though.

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