Mr. Jones Food Review

My wife was hyped by her teammates about the milkshake of a restaurant in Greenbelt 5 — Mr. Jones. So we headed there for lunch before proceeding to her 2nd post-operation check-up in the American Eye Center.

Mr. Jones Classic Burger Php 320.00
Served with a small bucket of thick fries similar to KFC, a big slice of pickle and coleslaw. The burger patty was very juicy, I can taste the meat and not the extender which is expected for the price of this dish.  I would say this is slightly expensive for a burger but it tasted good and it’s in Greenbelt so I can’t really complain.


U.S. Beef Ribcap “Tapa and Garlic Overload” Php 295.00
It somehow tasted like standard homemade Tapa, but more tender, sweeter and slightly thicker. I liked the taste and it was served with two eggs and atchara,. The serving portion of the Tapa was also big which was a plus for me.


Butterfinger Milkshake Php 250.00
Butterfinger bits and chocolate syrup, topped with a dollop of peanut butter cream
We had the milkshake split in two because we felt it was a bit too expensive. Besides, it was big enough for 2 people anyway. I could taste the Butterfinger bits which was awesome. Sadly this treat was too expensive for me and I would only try this again when I feel like splurging/burning money. :D

Our experience with Mr. Jones Restaurant was pleasant, the food was good and the service was great. I was surprised to find out that this restaurant belonged to the Raintree group (which also manages Chelsea… :-s). Anyway, the food was slightly expensive but the ambiance was unique, which somehow resembles the classic American diner.

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