Huge Brazo de Mercedes by Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries

We dropped by Greenhills Shopping Center a few weeks ago to have my niece’s Wii modified. By the way, the guy did a very poor job of modifying the Wii by the way and I had to finish his work. Anyway, we saw this HUGE Brazo de Mercedes while waiting for the drink we bought at Happy LemonĀ .

HUUUUGE Brazo de Mercedes!!!!

As wide as my wife’s hand, from wrist to fingertip!

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2 Responses to Huge Brazo de Mercedes by Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries

  1. jimmycdo says:


    Ah this isn’t my Wii, this is my Niece’s wii.

    Unfortunately I can’ install hackmii and the homebrew channel easily because the firmware is 4.3u hehehe. Madali lang sa atin cuz 4.2 and below lang. 4.3 and above kasi needs an original game, ie. lego batman, smash brothers and etc. para ma load mo yung hackmii through a modified save file.

    It’s cheaper to let him install hackmii than me buying an original wii game. :D but he installed a lousy ios version that didn’t work with any usb loader, plus he installed the lousy CFG usb loader… wii flow pa rin the best.

  2. jimmycdo says:

    baka old wiiflow mo?

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