Burgoo Food Review

We normally don’t eat in this restaurant because the food is expensive nor do we usually go to Power Plant Mall because it is too sossy. However, we were getting bored of Glorietta and the adjacent malls as well as SM MOA and Megamall, so we decided to visit Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. Going up the escalator from the parking area, there was a Burgoo employee handing out buy-1 take-1 coupons for Burgoo, so that solved the problem of looking for a place to have dinner. :D

Grilled Lamb Php 595.00
Tender and marinated overnight in rosemary – seasoned mix
The lamb tasted great, it was very tender and juicy (Purefoods reference again?), and best of all the rosemary overpowered the strong lamb meat smell which is impressive, I rarely get to eat lamb meat that smells good and tastes even better. You can choose two of the following side dishes: rice pilaf, potato wedges, mashed potato, or flavored fries with a choice of cheese, barbecue and sour cream and onion. We had this cooked medium-well to retain the flavor of the meat – preference I learned from my wife.  


Grilled Steak ala Pobre Php 595.00 (Free because of the buy 1 take 1 promo)
A flavorful bone-in striploin seasoned with herbs and spices. Grilled to order.
We also had this cooked medium-well, it tasted delicious. The name of this dish suits it well, it tastes so well yet so expensive that it can make you pobre,… meh. I could eat this everyday if I had the money…. 

The food was awesome, service was great, I really can’t complain much. I also like how they automatically serve water even though we didn’t order any drinks. This applies to some restaurants who are so kuripot with their house water they don’t even serve it if you don’t order any drinks or appetizers (I really can’t get over my bad experience with Chicken Bacolod a long time ago, and it didn’t just happen once).

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