Bigby’s Food Review

We were treated by my highschool friends at Bigby’s when we went to Cagayan de Oro. The last time my wife and I ate at Bigby’s in Cagayan de Oro was during my brother’s wedding a few years ago, so we were curious how the food evolved during those years.

We were happy to see that the menu is exactly the same as the Bigby’s restaurant in Mall of Asia and SM Megamall. Although this might seem obvious (duh?) it is an example of a good franchise. I have been to several other restaurants which had other branches within Metro Manila that had a different menu, and although some restaurants may have the same menu, more than half of the food have that “not available” sticker, which is annoying and worse in my opinion.

Food Trip Platter Php 389.00
We ordered this appetizer while waiting for my other friends to arrive. It is an appetizer sampler dish composed of the following: Tijuana Quesadillas, Dippy-Doodle-Doo, Chili Flappers and BBQ fries. I loved the Quesadillas because the garlic cheese tasted great, and the sweet spiciness of the Chili-flappers (Chili chicken wings) was just perfect.

Squiggly Rings Php 199.00
Calamari served with herbed vinegar, I liked it because the squid rings were thick and tasted good too.

Porterhouse Steak Php 429.00
I ordered this well-done because I had not yet learned the tastier medium-well preference taught by my wife. Regardless, the steak was still juicy and tasted great with the gravy. The meat was also tender which is a big plus for me.

T-Bone Steak Php 419.00
This is my wife’s order and we tasted each other’s steak. Somehow it tasted similar to my order (Porterhouse Steak), we can’t tell the difference except for the T-shaped bone on the steak. Since both steaks tasted the same, it gets the same review from me, which is great!

Pescado al Fresco 285.00
One of my wife’s favorite, she usually orders this when we eat at Bigby’s in Manila. But she decided to forget about her healthy diet during our vacation so she ordered the steak. The sauce enhances the taste of the white fish with pesto covered in fried onion slices. A very sophisticated-looking dish that tastes just as great.

Passion Fish Php 195.00
Your typical Dory fish fillet with garlic cream sauce and fries, just as good as the ones served by Fish and Co. 

Rack-A-Bye Baby Php 399.00
Smoked and barbecued pork ribs with buttered vegetables and rice. Tasted great, each bite was a juicy goodness.

Our dining experience in Bigby’s was a pleasure, the food was terrific, the service was great and the ambiance was nice. Definitely a restaurant that showcases tasty dishes from several places around the world. A must visit for the barkada with different tastes.

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