ToastBox Food Review

ToastBox is one of the Singaporean franchise imports that have arrived in the Philippines. Based on my research they are owned by the same group responsible for Bread Talk — a name of a bakery. We have seen several branches during our visit of Singapura a few months ago but never actually tried it, the funky Engrish name turned me off. But our interest was piqued when we saw a branch in Greenbelt 5. So we finally tried it out last saturday and here is our review.

Chicken Sausage Noodles Php 139.00
The chicken sausage tasted like vienna sausage, which I liked and also because it actually tasted like chicken. I could somehow taste the msg on the soup but it was still good, although nothing extraordinary. The huge amounts of msg made me a bit lightheaded afterwards because of my sensitivity to it.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Php 239.00
My wife’s order, she liked it because it tasted like regular Hainanese Chicken with no additional fancy stuff added, just plain old Hainanese Chicken with standard condiments: ginger sauce and soy sauce.

Iced Lemon Tea Php 30.00
This is not your typical iced tea that tastes like lemon juice with a hint of tea. It is the other way around, which means you should only buy this stuff if you really like tea. Fortunately, I regularly drink green tea so I was able to enjoy this drink.

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