The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak Food Review

One of the very first restaurants that I decided to start reviewing for my blog. Ironically, I forgot about it and only recently discovered the pictures while checking my cellphone. So that explains the low quality pictures and the very late post. Anyway, we ate at the Glorietta 5 branch.

Chicken Caesar Salad Php 260.00
The lettuce and other greens were fresh, and the croutons were crunchy. I liked the dressing and the chicken fillet. But the serving was too big, I guess it was proportional to the price.

Teriyaki Hamburg Php 165. 00
I am a big fan of burgers with or without the bun. Thus, it was only obvious that I ordered a Hamburg. The hamburger patty was juicy and easily breaks apart, a good sign that they didn’t use too much extender/binder. I liked the taste but somehow I don’t like burgers on a sizzling plate, I prefer it on a normal ceramic/glass plate… meh.

Salmon Steak Php 298.00
My wife’s order, she liked the low-salt salmon but found certain parts in the middle were undercooked. I guess that’s the drawback of having a huge chunk of meat on a sizzling plate. The garlic and mayo sauce was good.

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One Response to The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak Food Review

  1. Mich says:

    Low-salt = matabang
    (suggested strictly for people on low-salt diet)

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