The Cafe Mediterranean Food Review

We decided to go here last Sunday after almost every other restaurant in Mall of Asia was full of people and had long waiting queues. A restaurant with a few customers during peak hours is usually a bad sign, but we weren’t bothered by this as we have already eaten here before and it wasn’t bad. I guess exotic food aren’t really a big hit with the pinoys… yet?

Chicken Gyro Plate Php 235.00
There were 3 side dishes, I do not know what the side dishes were but I still tried them. The green one tasted ok, and the other one that resembles a slightly spicy version of coleslaw was bearable. The one that tasted like cheese? or some sort of yogurt was so weird, I didn’t like it because I felt that another spoonful might cause skid marks…. heeheehee :) The chicken tasted very good and the garlic mayonnaise sauce enhanced its taste.

Beef Gyro Plate Php 275.00
It had the same three side dishes and I had the same comments about those three side dishes… toink! hehe. The beef was also ok and as usual, the garlic mayonnaise sauce enhanced its taste. But unlike the chicken, the beef tasted bland without the mayo.

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3 Responses to The Cafe Mediterranean Food Review

  1. Cami says:

    I love Cafe Med! The green thing is tabbouleh, which is my fave side dish hehe. Don’t care about the other 2 much. Might be moutabal and tzatziki?! Whatever, hehe. Lamb ftw!

  2. jimmycdo says:

    Pareho kayo ni Mich, mahilig sa lamb. Ang hirap naman banggitin nyan, may narinig din ako na parang buba ganoush? I’m sure mali ang spelling ko haha.

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