Tender Bob’s Food Review

Steak, burger, fries, pork chop and more steak!!!! I’ve always been a huge fan of american food. Yes the unhealthy, greasy, heart disease-inducing kind of american food. Just thinking about the fats oozing from the juicy chunks of meat barbecuing on the grill makes my mouth water. In fact, one of my favorite shows on TV is called “License to Grill” by Rob Rainford. I highly recommend that show for the manly man who loves his food. :D Anyway, enough about that, let’s head on to Tender Bob’s food review. By the way, we ate at the Greenbelt 2 branch.

Pork Chops Php 215.00

Two pieces of pork cooked to an ideal tenderness, cut not so thick and not so thin, oozing with juicy goodness, and tastes like heaven. I agree with Tender Bob’s description on the menu, it certainly hits the spot!

Never fails to hit the spot

Ribeye Steak Hungry (5oz.) Php 260.00

We ordered this to be cooked medium-well. It tasted juicy and the mushroom gravy sauce complimented it well.

A local version of its US big brother. As good as its gets here at home

Our dining experience with Tender Bob’s was great, the ambience was cozy and the place was clean. They also had a huge LCD where you can watch the show they are playing. The price can vary from affordable to expensive, if you want to go all out and have money to burn, then try out their imported beef. A new addition to my favorite restaurants that serves american food.


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2 Responses to Tender Bob’s Food Review

  1. Cami says:

    Try their potato skins! :)

  2. jimmycdo says:

    sige, cheers to unhealthiness hahaaha

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