Sing: Hainanese Chicken House Food Review

The other half of yesterday’s lunch and my better half’s order. She loved Hainanese Chicken so much that it was almost the only thing she ordered throughout our whole vacation in Singapore. But her preference is the Singaporean version of Hainanese Chicken because it is steamed and boneless. So it was already decided that we would both eat at different restaurants (me at Sango and she ¬†at the Chicken house), but we still wanted to eat together, because we’re clingy that way. Besides, it is sad, weird, AND depressing to eat alone in a restaurant. We chose to eat the food at Sango! because their chairs looked more comfortable. So she ordered her Hainanese Chicken Rice to go (or take out). This explains why the picture is in a take out box, anyway, on to the food review.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Php 180.00
As per the General’s review, it tasted like authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken. The rice was the real thing, it was not just ordinary steamed rice and the chicken was good. She only noticed a weird aftertaste in the ginger sauce.


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