Journey into Travian

Travian is a free browser-based game that has gotten me hooked these past few weeks. I used to play this game a few years ago when it was still on version 2, but I stopped when the server ended/restarted because an annoyingly strong alliance was able to build the “Wonder of the World”. I wasn’t really interested to go back and play but my friends got addicted to it and I was dragged back in, besides it’s more fun to play with friends rather than random noobs found online.

The game belongs to the “massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game” genre with real-time military strategy and city-building characteristics. It is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization game series but the economy, military and other management aspects have been simplified to make it more straightforward, so that players can focus on the cooperation part of the game. Unlike the older games of this genre, each village has coordinates that indicate your position on a map. This adds a new dimension of traveling duration for attacking, reinforcing, and raiding with your troops or merchants. Another nice feature of this game is that villages can be destroyed, thus leaving the player incapable of doing anything unless supplies arrive from alliance members or other villages.

You can choose from 3 different races: Romans, Gauls , and TeutonsEach race or faction has its own characteristics. The Roman’s cities build faster than other tribes, the Gauls defend better than the others, and the Teutons are geared towards an aggressive style of play. However, each faction can be played defensively or aggressively, so it still boils down to play style of the individual.

I started 3 weeks ago and chose the Gaul faction, not because of its special defensive attributes but because of these 2 clowns.During account creation I decided to start in the south east area of the map because that’s where my friends were located. Unfortunately I cannot join their alliance because there is a village population minimum requirement and I only had 2 villagers (Adam and Eve? lol). There is also a protection period (7 days) for new players that does not allow enemy attacks within that duration, so I wasn’t too worried being left alone. Because I had friends supplying me resources, I was able to successfully build up my village to a decent level before the protection time expired.

In less than a few hours after my protection period ended, an attack came from another Gaul village with a 700+ population, my village size was only around 200+ at that time. Fortunately the attack came from a very far portion of the map which took around 28 hours to arrive. In this game, the traveling duration of an attack is the only information that will be sent to the defending player, it shows up as a countdown timer on your screen. This allowed me to have ample time to ask for reinforcements from my dear friends, who invited me to this game in the first place. Unfortunately, their alliance is in the middle of a nasty war so no help expected from them. So I did the next most logical thing, I screamed like a girl and fled…. Umm… Just kidding about the screaming part, but I did send my troops away and spent all my resources on additional construction and trap creation (Gaul special ability). It is better to avoid a frontal confrontation with a larger army when their intent is only to raid (steal resources) and not on my complete and utter destruction. Attacks with the intent to destroy structures usually come in a lot of waves with catapults/trebuchet so I knew this attack was just for raiding.



I was able to prepare 112 traps, a level 10 cranny(place where you can hide a certain amount of resources) and had sent my troops and hero elsewhere by the time the attack finally arrived. It was an easy victory for the attacking player, whose attack wave composed of 300 Theutates Thunders , the best/fastest Gaulic raider. However, the raid yielded him 0 resources and had trapped 73 of his troops (attacking troops with a greater number than the traps will cause some traps to be destroyed). So it was practically a wasted effort on his side and I had 73 of his units trapped!

In the end, I bargained for the release of these POWs with a promise from the player never to harass me again. Which, as of writing this post, he hasn’t broken yet…

If you’re interested in this game, you can register here.

My misadventures continue in the next installment, which will feature my weakling hero, who I have named “Taong Grasa”, as well joining an alliance and several dead Teuton bodies floating in the water.

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2 Responses to Journey into Travian

  1. jimmycdo says:

    hahaha I didn’t know how to end it properly, will post the succeeding stories when i feel like it. I actually joined an alliance and just had a village expansion. Thing are actually getting interesting lol

  2. jimmycdo says:

    Ayan! I added some closing remarks :D

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