Dusit Thani Basix Buffet Food Review

We normally don’t go here unless it is a very very special occasion. However, it just so happened that CashCashPinoy had a group buying deal for Dusit Thani Basix at 50% off!!!! For those who want to know more about group buying, go here, and for a list of the best group buying deals, you can go here. The drawback was that we could only use the 50% off coupon during Monday to Friday (lunch or dinner) and Saturday (lunch). We also had to reserve in advance so that the place will be able to accommodate us and all the other people who bought the coupon (the deal counter reached almost 10,000!). When we availed of the promo last thursday, we unexpectedly met a friend and her husband who also bought the deal. Small world! Anyway, here is the food review, the camera ran out of battery so we didn’t have a lot of pictures.

Pork Siomai, Veggie Siomai, Hakaw and more. Freshly prepared and steamed. Awesomely good!

Potato Salad, Shrimp Salad, Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, and more salads plus other stuff I forgot the names of. Yes, the one on the right is Atsara and the one on the left is Pork Embutido. The Shrimp Salad tasted great as well as the Ham Salad on the left, the others tasted ok.

Beef Medallion
This was juicy and soft. Cooked to perfection.

Roast Beef
ROAST BEEF!!!!! Our obsession with roast beef started in Rustan’s Bon Appetit Glorietta more than 6 years ago, of which, the softness and juiciness of the beef had been unparalleled. The perfectly cut thin layer of fat adds flavor to the succulent beef. It has been a long time since we found a replacement for the long lost err… love? This is because Rustan’s Bon Appetit Glorietta closed a long time ago. So here it is, the new heir to the throne of juicy roast beef goodness!

Salmon and Some other fish we forgot the name of
No fishy smell (anghit), good enough for me. The other unnamed fish doesn’t taste like fish at all, which is a winner in my book :D It could be Dory but it’s too small… I’m fighting the urge to call Dusit and ask… (+632 238 8840) hahahaha

Hainanese Chicken, Shrimps, Imbutido (again), Cold Cut and Pork?
Most of the food tasted so-so, the shrimp was good though. The Imbutido is not a leftover from the salad sampler dish, this is one of my wife’s plate.

Java Rice, Pork Liempo, Veggies and the re-appearance of the unidentifiable Pork?
I forgot how these tasted, so I guess they weren’t too bad but not too great either. Knowing that rice is a no-no in buffets, I still had a small serving for the sake of the food blogger in me. But ironically I forgot the taste… well, so much for that idea. :D

This is the part where the camera ran out of battery. There were a lot of good desserts, but I would suggest you avoid the ones with strawberry syrup, because their strawberry syrups tastes like medicine!!!

Overall, our experience was very enjoyable, good price for good food, what else can I say? Also, this is one of the few buffets that have free unlimited drinks: sparkling wine, softdrinks, juice, and etc. :D

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4 Responses to Dusit Thani Basix Buffet Food Review

  1. Philip says:

    I would like to share my experience with Cashcashpinoy’s Dusit Basix Buffet voucher, so that other consumers are aware of potential pitfalls. We dined last Aug 5 for dinner using Cashcashpinoy’s voucher. Turns out, Dusit Basix is no longer offering unlimited wine/beer for voucher holders while it was still available for regular patrons. The spread was also dismal. Unlike the pictures shown in this blog, there was no dimsum, there wasn’t even a Chinese station or oysters. Overall, it just wasn’t good buffet. On that night, local chains like Yakimix or Saisaki would have beaten Dusit Basix Buffet, hands down, no competition at all.

    So for future voucher buyers, be forewarned, use your vouchers earlier on lest unscrupulous merchants change their mind and be vocal about your experience so that other consumers are informed.

    • jimmycdo says:

      Hmm.. good advice. Makes sense to book early. They probably stopped giving out free drinks after i almost emptied out their wine cellar… kidding.. :D
      I guess i need to cash in on that Sofitel promo asap!!!

      • Philip says:

        Yup you should. Although i don’t think Sofitel will scrimp on their buffet spread lest they ruin their reputation. Well, that’s what I initially thought about Dusit Thani Hotel as well and took my time booking. Apparently, Dusit values their reputation less.

        So book early and have fun at Sofitel :) .

  2. jimmycdo says:

    Bumili ka rin? Bumili din kami ng sofitel :D

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