Chick-in Chicken Inasal Food Review

This fast food joint opened near our house a few months ago and we always pass by this place on our way home. We’ve always wanted to try it but somehow we never did, maybe because it was one of those places that’s a bit too far on foot but also too near to drive. Anyway, we finally decided to try this place after I picked up my wife from work. So here is our food review.

AM1 Chicken Paa (All the way Meal #1) Php 99.00
My wife is an Ilongga — grew up in Iloilo, thus, she is very picky about authentic chicken inasal. So she was very surprised when the chicken inasal tasted very good, way better than the commercialized Mang Inasal and probably just as good as Chicken Bacolod Inasal. The price is slightly more expensive than Mang Inasal but it is cheaper than Chicken Bacolod Inasal, so we believe that the price is sulit for the food serving (unlimited rice too) and taste. Sadly, they don’t have complimentary chicken oil.

AM3 Grilled Liempo (All the way Meal #3) Php 99.00
The serving of their Liempo was big, somehow it reminded me of Manang’s Liempo in Ateneo. It was good, your typical unhealthy artery-clogging liempo. :D

Our overall experince with Chick-in was good, the service was quick, the food tasted great and the relatively cheap price made it¬†sulit for us. I also took home their delivery flyer for reference and was somehow disturbed by the model they used. He had a deranged kind of look, bordering on dangerous, akin to someone who is ready to put a barbecue stick right through your stomach and feed you a spoonful of rice with the other hand. He looks totally crazy and I hope he’s not the owner…

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5 Responses to Chick-in Chicken Inasal Food Review

  1. Bryan says:

    san ba yan? hehe. Natakot din ako dun sa pic. =P

  2. jimmycdo says:

    Parang pedo psycho-killer. Dito lang malapit samin, sa may Metropolitan Ave.

  3. alvin tosing says:

    malapit po yan sa shop wise beside of total gas station.
    masarap po at masaya kumain jan sa chick-in(chicken inasal) try nyo na lang po para maexperience nyo. All product of chick-in(chicken inasal) is Good.
    Sulit pa dahil unlimited rice pa.

  4. Berto says:

    natawa ako sa comment mo Model! hahahah.
    Di mo kilala yan?
    TV host yan eh, alaga ni kuya Germs.

  5. jimmycdo says:

    Talaga? mukhang pedo pyscho-killer kasi hahaha. parang tutusukin ka ng barbecue stick. Pero masarap nga dyan, dami nga lang lamok minsan sa loob kaya lagi akong nagpapants pag kumakain dyan hehe.

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