Chelsea Food Review

We decided to have an expensive dinner in Serendra to make us forget the nasty Crocs Sale experience. After cleaning our sandals and feet of mud in a nearby establishment, we chose to take a short walk from the NBC tent in the Fort to Serendra. It was a decision that we quickly regretted as the rain intensified while we were in the middle of the street. Half of our body was soaked by the time we got to Serendra (squishy shoes and sandals), but it didn’t deter us from looking for a nice and cozy restaurant. Chelsea, the name of the restaurant, looked like a clean and well-lighted place (lol for the Hemingway reference). So we browsed the menu, saw the expensive food prices, and decided to try the place anyway.

It is important to note that middle to upscale restaurants require customers to wait for an usher to guide them to their seating place. We knew about this rule and waited behind a couple that were just being led inside by the usher. After more than 5 minutes, the usher never came back and we took a peek inside and saw that she was chatting with another waiter. It probably never occurred to her that we were potential customers. I had to wave my hands to get the attention of the 8 other waiters idling about in the establishment, they only had 4 tables occupied. A waiter finally came outside, didn’t bother to apologize, and guided us to our seats. I didn’t mind this at first because I was just happy to sit down and take a rest.

We ordered our food and chatted while observing the ambiance of the place. The waiter to table ratio of this restaurant was exceptionally low, 8 waiters to 15-20 tables. So we expected the service to be quick and it was. Then came the complimentary bread, similar to Italianni’s, but with a whole pickled garlic on top of the bread. It tasted ok, the garlic bread was soft and fresh, but I didn’t really like the dressing. Sadly, only 2 slices were given to us, but looking around the other tables, we saw that other couples had more than 2 slices! Totally unfair, the only explanation that we came up with is that the other couples looked old and rich, while we looked like a pair of miserable, rain-drenched, and kuripot chinky-eyed couple. To add insult to injury, a younger looking foreign couple (Caucasian) arrived and were given almost a whole plateful of the complimentary bread, which they didn’t even touch (the scary looking pickled garlic probably frightened them). It was social stratification right then and there, we were treated differently because we didn’t look rich, they probably thought we don’t tip, which we actually do based on the quality of service. Anyways, end of my review about the service and onto the food.

Baked Pork
It tasted like regular lechon kawali from Gerry’s or similar restuarants, nothing special at all. Not worth the 495 pesos we paid for it.

The Chelsea Chargrilled, 100% Angus beef burger
The hamburger patty tasted good, I can taste the beef and not so much of the extender. It is too bad that the hamburger patty was so small, even the onion ring was bigger and somehow overpowered the good tasting hamburger patty. Not worth the 495 we paid for it.

To summarize, we will not be going back to this place anytime soon. It is too expensive and the food isn’t worth the price. It also looks like i’m not the only one with negative reviews about this restaurant. Read about other people’s reviews here.

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