Balducci Ristorante Food Review

We met with friends from college and had lunch at Balducci Ristorante located in Eastwood Mall, Libis. The place looked expensive and so was the food, but the service was pleasantly accommodating and efficient. The menu was in Italian so the cavemen let the girls order the food. Below is a sample picture from the menu.

As expected of expensive restaurants, complimentary bread and dip were served. I’m not really sure if it’s the trend with Italian restaurants these days, it could just be the standard, or maybe it was how the Don wanted it back in those days, something like: “Give my guest the complimentary bread so that I can make him an offer he can’t refuse”…. meh. Anyway, the bread was plenty, so no qualms there, reference to the Chelsea experience. The dips were butter, liver spread, and salsa.

Bruschetti Misti Php 290.00
Slices of homemade italian bread, baked fresh daily with assorted toppings
Bruschetta, I’ve seen this dish prepared by Giada on the Food Network several times so I had an idea what this was. It tasted ok, resembles home-made cooking, not really sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But kinda expensive, two more slices would’ve have made it sulit.

Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola Php 330.00
Gnocchi in a rich gorgonzola cream sauce
I have no idea how to pronounce this, nuchee? nookie? whatever. All I know is that it tasted sogood (KFC commercial), seriously, it tasted so good, soft and cheesy, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I don’t want to describe it anymore as I still want to keep writing the rest of this post. If I keep describing this I might get distracted and forget how the other dishes tasted…

Trofie all Pesto Php 330.00
Twisted pasta in a pesto sauce alla Genovese
As Ken said, “parang galit yung nagluto sa basil”, which means the pesto sauce had too much basil, which is a good thing. It might look dry, but the penne was very moist and flavorful. They didn’t skimp on the basil when making the pesto sauce. I wish I could have had the whole plate…:@)

Pizza Bianca Php 330.00
Rustica-Mozarella, funghi, cipolla, salsiccia e rosmarino
Fresh white Mozarella with mushrooms, onions, Italian sausage & rosemary

The pizza was good. From what I remember, Italian pizzas are usually thin crust, which is always a plus for me. It was less oily compared to the pizzas from Aveneto.

Pescatora Php 350.00
Fresh Mozarella, fresh tomatoes & clams with mussels & prawns
Although I’m not a big fan of seafood, this tasted ok, mainly because there is no fish! :D

My overall experience with Balducci was pleasant. I probably would go back here if I was craving for slightly expensive Italian food. :)

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3 Responses to Balducci Ristorante Food Review

  1. Cami says:

    According to Sarah, it’s pronounced something like “nyo-kee”. Hehehe! But yeah it was so good, very rich!

  2. jimmycdo says:

    nugat! hahaha joke :D next post ko is the Dusit Thani Basix buffet. Did Sarah tell you we actully met by chance at the buffet last thursday evening? Bumili din pala sila ng Group buying deal ng cashcashpinoy haha

  3. Ping Ching says:

    I noticed you are very price conscious. May be a good idea to use a rating scale since you are doing more food reviews now. That way, you don’t always have to state whether it is expensive or not. Hehehe! I like that you post pics of the food. Yeah, the gnocchi looks delicious! It’s made of potato, you know. You should do reviews on some cdo establishments when you visit home. Ciao, bro!

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