Watch Free NBA 2011 Finals Game 2 Miami vs. Dallas Online

The official game schedule is on Thursday June 2, 2011 9:00PM EST which is converted to -4:00GMT. So if you are a poor bastard living in one of those developing Asian countries filled with corrupt politicians i.e. Philippines (like me), whose time zone is +8:00GMT, this means the game will start on June 3, 2011 9:00AM in the Philippines. Right in the middle of work! So join me in celebrating the wonderfully brilliant folks who put up the following websites for people like you and me (underpaid white collar peons with no access to TV during work):

If these still don’t work for you, just take a day off, make an excuse, feign sickness and take an SL. By the way SL doesn’t mean Sick Leave, but a “Sick of my job Leave” and watch the game at home. ;)

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