RCI, Timeshare and Puerto Del Sol is it a New Scam or the Real Deal?

If you don’t like reading long blog posts, you can head over to the italicized text at the 3rd paragraph and the research/conclusion portion at the bottom.

My wife got a call from a stranger a few months ago saying that she won a 3 days / 2 nights hotel and resort accommodation from Puerto Del Sol. She asked how the stranger was able to get her contact number and he admitted that he got it from one of those bridal fairs we attended. Ok, so he wasn’t just calling people at random because we did attend a lot of bridal fairs recently. But there was a catch; we had to attend their 90 minute presentation in Ortigas. This initially worried us because it sounded like one of those Pyramid Scams or MLM (muti-level marketing) presentation crap that was the hype back when I was in college. But we still gave it a shot because the prize was too good and we had nothing to lose anyway. Well, maybe an hour and a half of our time and transportation expenses, but we figured it will be worth it if we did get the free vacation in Puerto Del Sol.

The next day, we headed for Ortigas after lunch. We were greeted by people in business attire and then led to a room with several tables inside, each table was big enough for 4 people. Most of these tables were occupied with a person in business attire and 1 or 2 people in plain clothes (probably a few of the “lucky” winners like us). A slim woman in her 30’s attended to us and asked if we were comfortable, she also asked if we wanted iced tea. Both my wife and I refused the iced tea because I had a bad feeling that I might have to refuse this woman’s offer later, and I don’t want to feel obligated to her offer for freeloading on her iced tea. She then proceeded to ask us several questions about our financial status, like how much we earn and other things like vacation and etc. It felt like she was one of those “financial planners” aka insurance agents that is selling you an insurance policy but minus the death and future retirement scenarios. I was starting to become uneasy but we still held on because we were curious and it was rude to just stand up and leave anyway.

She took out 3 pieces of paper and continued to ask us questions like how much we earn (again), where we live, how often we take a vacation and what are our vacation plans in the next 5 – 10 and 20 years. Our attendant wrote the information on the paper including our answers to her questions. Then slowly but surely, she inserted her sales talk during our conversation about vacation. Something along the lines of “What if I can offer you a way to have a luxurious vacation year after year on a beautiful beach i.e. Puerto Del Sol”. She then proceeded to explain what she was offering, a Timeshare of Puerto Del Sol. A Timeshare is like owning a portion or accommodation of a hotel or resort for a particular time only. E.g. “One weekend every quarter of the year on one of Puerto Del Sol’s “Mansion Villa” along with several amenities that is included with the accommodation.” This means you can schedule a free vacation to Puerto Del Sol for a weekend every quarter of every year. But what if we don’t want to keep going to Puerto Del Sol every year? Then she explained that the timeshare is from RCI, which is an international company that has more than 6,000+ affiliate resorts where you can trade your timeshare. Plus if you don’t want to take a vacation anymore, you can sell your timeshare credits to other people, e.g. friends or relatives. It sounds too good right? Well, as the saying goes “If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t!” I’ll explain later why.

At that time, I admit that I was interested at the offer and I was curious at how much the total package would cost. My wife’s eyes were sparkling with interest at our attendant. Although, I really can’t blame her because she’s such a vacationholic (made up word). Then came the price, it was a whopping 700,000 pesos!!! I’m not sure how our attendant interpreted our facial reactions but that’s when she started saying that the offer was only good for today and that you can’t avail of this special offer again afterwards. This is a nasty sales trick to pressure innocent people. But we didn’t cave in because it was just ridiculously expensive! At around this time came another attendant who looked a bit older, but definitely shorter and fatter than our previous attendant, literally looks like our first attendant’s evil cousin. She asked us why we didn’t like the offer and we answered her honestly (that it was too expensive). She lowered the offer to 400,000 pesos… Sounds waaaay too fishy right??? We didn’t even bother asking what would be taken out of the package if we went for the 400k offer. Besides, we can’t even afford 400k anyway! So we still refused her offer and that’s when her tone changed, it became condescending and she started implying that we were wasting her time (THE NERVE!). We ignored their rude tones and “sales talk baiting” remarks and continued to refuse their offer. After a while, they finally gave up and handed us our prize. On our way home, we read the prize and here’s the text at the bottom of the cheap looking paper.

This offer is valid with a redemption period of 30 days from the date of issue and a booking of 5,000.00 pesos will also apply which will be refunded upon completion of the trip. The booking form must be fully completed and submitted. Failure to do so will render this offer null and void. All travel must be completed within 12 months from the date of issue.

Lol, even the prize was a SCAM!

Here’s my additional research and personal conclusion why this is a SCAM:

  • The cost of the package she was offering to us was a whopping 700,000 pesos!!! When we refused, she lowered the offer to 400,000 pesos… Sounds waaaay too fishy right??? We didn’t even bother asking what would be taken out of the package if we went for the 400k offer. Besides, we can’t even afford 400k anyway! For short, it’s overpriced for a vacation within the Philippines.
  • If you do some basic research on the internet about RCI together with the word “SCAM”, you’d be surprised at how many people are disillusioned, dissatisfied and angry at this company. Poor service, almost impossible to trade your timeshare and etc.
  • Selling your timeshare credits to other people. They forgot to mention that those people to whom you will be selling your timeshare credits also need to be members of RCI.
  • There is a recurring yearly membership fee which is also expensive. RCI members on the internet were saying that it was around 3,000 USD a year.
  • It is not very easy to trade timeshare banked credits for other places, and even if you had an unlimited amount of banked weeks, you still need to pay for traded vacations on certain resorts even during off-peak seasons.
  • If this really was such a good deal then what is up with the 1 day offer only? Why the need to use such a cheap and nasty sales trick on their potential clients? By the way, they actually called us a few months afterwards and repeated the same nasty baiting routine. We learned our lesson and didn’t go.
  • If you are rich enough to take a vacation out of the country on a regular basis, then why the hell would you need to enroll in this crap when you have to go through the hassle of paperwork and constrictive vacation schedules when you can just take a vacation package at a decent travel agency?
  • In the long run it is cheaper to plan your own vacation, just do the math. 100,000+ pesos a year? Plus more than half a million pesos for the membership?


If someone texts or calls you and says you won a free vacation in Puerto Del Sol but you need to attend a 90 minute presentation. Just refuse, it will save you from a huge headache and avoid being lulled into a scam.


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54 Responses to RCI, Timeshare and Puerto Del Sol is it a New Scam or the Real Deal?

  1. Mich says:

    Sabi pa nila they just offer it to selected couples and they never make the same offer again. Ok lang, with the expensive price and constrictive vacation rules & schedules, no loss for us!
    May iba pa atang company na tumawag recently, na nanalo rin daw, nakuha rin number sa bridal fair, pero iba na office address so ibang company na, and again had to attend 90-minute presentation. Alam na.
    Ang layo na ng mararating natin with 400k (assuming meron tayo nito hahaha), wouldn’t want to waste it on this.

  2. jimmycdo says:

    We didn’t feel like making a ruckus bcoz there were a lot of “men in suits” lol. :roll: Didn’t feel like picking a fight too.

  3. RCI says:

    Hi there,

    We recently came across your blog post and wanted to jump in to provide some clarification and also see if there are any questions we can help answer for you.

    RCI is affiliated with over 4,000 resorts worldwide, and our role in the timeshare industry is to provide exchange services to vacation owners at affiliated properties. RCI does not own or operate any timeshare properties, nor does RCI sell timeshare or control the sales practices of our affiliated properties. This should be made clear in any timeshare presentation.

    To give you an idea of just how many members we are able to send on vacation, in 2010 we handled about 1.6 million exchange and rental transactions for RCI subscribing members in countries around the world. That’s a lot of vacations!

    If you are still unclear, feel free to contact us directly at talktous@rci.com. We will be happy to address any concerns you may have. After all, we’re here to help!

    - Kathleen M.
    RCI Customer Communications

  4. katrina says:

    I also received a call & text from them. And their offer was very tempting, and we’re supposed to use it for our upcoming wedding next year. Good thing i didn’t give in! :D thanks for sharing!

    • jimmycdo says:

      You’re welcome, I just wanted to share because it really was a waste of time and it was ridiculously expensive. But I recently heard that they have a tie up with a new resort here in the Philippines. I don’t have the details though, but i will definitely post it here once i have more information.

      • aimee topacio says:

        thanks for the info.i had already recib a txt msg 3 days ago.punta n sana kmi ng husbnd ko dis afternoon bti nlng ng search muna ako kgbi kc doubt nga ako. .kla ko p nmn true na.anyways thanks everyone for sharing… thanks jimmycdo!

  5. Lucila Facey says:

    Hi, I like your blog.

  6. Lj says:

    Thanks for posting! Just like to add the text message that i got last saturday >> Good afternoon! This is regarding your participation during wedding expo at PICC last January 22-24, 2011. Your name has been selected by PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT & HOTEL to receive a free hotel accommodation gift certificate fro 3 days and 2 nights stay at Boracay, Bohol, Camsur, Cebu, Davao, Palawan and Pangasinan. The certificate you will receive is guaranteed 100% free, no strings attached and no obligation! The choice is YOURS! Good for 2 persons but fare and food not included.

  7. MJ says:

    hey jimmycdo.

    wow. thanks for letting us know. i just got their SMS today and I called them right away. i got the same invitation and yes, they wanted us to stay for 90 minutes.

    you’re right. it sounded too good to be true. its a good thing i looked it up on the net and saw your blog.

    God bless! :)

  8. Grace says:

    very helpful information. we receive the same call and texts. good thing we research on it first and found one of the many blogs about their scam.

    thanks for sharing! :)

  9. George Krizan says:

    A timeshare scam company that calls themselves ‘Global Travel Services’ operates out of Ortigas Center, Metro Manila – Philippines. The real name of the registered company with the Philippine SEC is called “Uni Asia.” It is owned in part by 3 ladies, one of which is Kay Ann Santos, another is Janice Alcala, and the 3rd is Eileen C. Salita.

    The address is 3104 Tektite Tower East Building. The hours of operation are local time Philippines: 9pm-12 noon the next day. They call USA East-West coast throughout all the business hours.

    The company is REALLY owned by an American from Colorado who calls himself Vincent Kahn. (pronounced Con – Scam owner #1) and George A Krizan (Scam owner #2).

    Vincent Kahn lived in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and ran his call center scheme there while doing other “real” timeshare sales activities while being arrested for having 10,000 illegal leads (phone #’s with names/addresses used to illegally call people). Vincent Kahn apparently escaped from Dominican Republic via boat and got to Haiti, then flew back to USA before running away to Asia in the Philippines. He now lives in General Trias, Cavite and is an avid golfer, spending most of his time smoking marijuana and having unprotected sex with hundreds of underaged girls.

    He is the one that brings in the cash twice a week and illegally pays everyone off the books so that he can always keep himself separate and keep the 3 unknowing ladies in full responsibility if anything were to go wrong, which it will eventually, as with all scams.

    This so called Global Travel Services (made up name that can change any time) claims that they have a group that is interested in renting your timeshare for up to $3600 per week for any weeks that you have available. They claim to work with a partner company called Universal Exchange who is a wholesaler so you’ve never heard of them and they cant be contacted on the web or on the phone (give me a break). People believe this stuff so be careful. The company itself is simply a boiler room with no real services except people talking.

    They say that you can either use YOUR exchange company like RCI/II and do the exchange that way, but in the end they will force you to use their exchange company Universal Exchange (which is how they make their money) because the hotel that they claim to be renting for “The Hyatt/Regency or Mariott” are not even timeshare companies, so OF COURSE RCI CANNOT EXCHANGE. So they will have either tricked you into using “Universal Exchange” which doesnt exist, or some of them will straight up tell you that you need to use Universal anyway.

    Then, after you do your checking or if they can just scam you right away on the first call, you will give your credit card information to them so they can do what they call “pass it on the to exchange company so they can exchange your timeshare to the location which is in Cancun Mexico.”


    The $199 is charged by a random credit card processor who is based in the USA (the company goes through 10 processors a week if not more) because everyone is always cancelling and even the processors know they are doing illegitimate processes, thats why if you rent more than 1 week from this group, your billing statement will show random companies around the USA charging you. (this is not typical of decent rental companies).

    Plus, there is no contract. And on top of all that, they will tell you that a 3rd party verification company will confirm things with you and record it. THATS FOR THEIR BENEFIT NOT YOURS. All they ask you is that you authorize to charge the card for some multiple of $199. THATS IT. They NEVER mention TIMESHARE during the verification because if they did, then the charge is obviously not valid since they are not even a timeshare company in any sort of a way. So the verification is done just to verify that you screw yourself.

    Please be careful of this scam guys, the phone #’s for this company that claims to be in Las Vegas NV are as follows:
    702 514 3430 or 702 514 3431

    Here is the breakdown of the scheme:

    Owner of the account: Vincent Kahn
    Owner of 2nd branch office/employees: George A. Krizan
    Owner of the company as per the documentation: Kay ann Santos, Janice Alcala, Eileen Salita

    Employees (real names):
    Shirley Comia (scam sales)
    Jenny Borja (scam sales)
    Maureen Marino (scam sales Team Leader)
    Aejay Sto. Domingo (scam sales)
    Michelle Bernardo (customer service)
    Edward Artita (Tanya Edwards) (customer service)

    Again, this operation (along with many others) are being done out of the notoriously unregulated telephone lines of the Philippines. Most of these people are poor and could care less that they are ripping off poor widowed, retired American people who worked hard all their life to earn their money.

    Please let this scam and all the timeshare scams be known. THE MARKET IS NOT GOOD. PEOPLE ARE NOT BUYING/RENT ANY TIMESHARE!!!!!!!!!!! The typical person who gets scammed and tricked are usually widowed, retired, older people who own timeshares and cant afford to pay their maintenance fees or for some reason dont use the timeshare like they used to and would love to turn a profit on a losing asset.


    Here is the last bit of evidence I have that will also make you laugh. Its the scam website, poorly designed by George Krizan himself. It has the word Carribean spelled incorrectly [carrabean] (any company really operating out of that region would obviously know the real spelling for that). And the website is just a bunch of ‘rebuttals’ that the scam callers use, and now theyre just printed on the website. I call this, evidence. The website (for your entertainment purposes is located at):

    and also another website which they claim but is not actually theirs (click around, no real content):

    Extra information proving this is all a scam:
    1.) The date of the convention they are renting for changes every month to the next 3 months in advance. They always say they are renting for a convention 3 months in advance so that by the time you expect your check, its too late to cancel the credit card charge.

    2.) They claim to be from Las Vegas, or Houston TX, but they are located in the Philippines. (every single employee has a heavy Filipino accent) so why would they lie about their location if its legit?

    3.) The Hyatt Regency and the Mariott Inn in Cancun Mexico charge between 90-150$ per night, so how could someone pay you $3600/ week? Thats ridiculous. Enough said there

    4.) Some 3rd party company cant just call your exchange company (RCI/II) and move around your property. YOU MUST BE THE ONE TO DO THAT. Call RCI and II and ask them yourselves. Its obvious.

    5.) Half the time, they dont even know what timeshare they are renting. If you make it really confusing for them, they will still push the sale because they can actually get your money regardless of what timeshare you own. You dont even need to really own one. If someone that didnt even own one called them, they would put you through the whole script and even get your CC and charge you and they think they can keep hiding that obvious gap in logic!

    6.) They change their phone # very often. Here are a few of the phone #’s theyve used this year:

    310 734 0187
    702 514 3430
    702 514 3431
    830 632 2231
    858 346 2222

  10. mario says:

    this is a good info i was invited also and look for blogs like this. may i also inform the author not all mlm company is a scam . thank you for the info.

  11. rhaz says:

    I received a text message earlier like this

    ” Greetings from the management of puerto del sol beach resort & hotel..This is with regards to your unclaimed gift certificate of free hotel & resorts accomodation before for 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS STAY LOCALLY AT PANGASINAN,BORACAY,BOHOL,CAM-SUR, CEBU, DAVAO & PALAWAN.The cert is still valid for 1-YEAR upon claiming, good for 2-persons. Im happy to inform u that u have a chance to avail it. Please call ASAP at (02) 3796585 or 6362883 and look for MS. CAMILLE PEREZ for some details. This cert is for immediate claiming only. Otherwise after 3 days w/out any notice from the certificate will be forfeited. We’ll wait for your response..Thank you (Note: if u already claimed the cert pls. disregardthe message)

    Whew! What a lengthy message! I called and looked for Ms. Camille, but the person (girl) who answered me already knew about my intentions, that’s about puerto del sol. She explained that I have not claimed and verified mine & my husband ‘s name & work positions. Then she asked me to go to Ortigas and gave the bldg. which is Remsan Center & they were certified by Dept. Ed??? (How come Dep-Ed is involved) So I said “ok”, but we can’t go on weekdays because of work. She said it’s okay to go after work because we can start at 5:30 to 8pm. (Start what? Your scam talk? :D ) Then I said: “ah, but my husband works in a night shift and I have so many deadlines so I really can’t go on weekdays.” She said: ” We only have schedule on weekdays, but let’s see if we can arrange a schedule for you on Saturday” (What the – wow flexible & what am I a VIP or something so you mean you will open your office just to welcome us on Saturday? ahahahaha!) Then I said: “ok, then just text me again if you do have a Saturday sched.” (But even if you text or call me I will just ignore you or maybe I can tell you that I already know about the scam. Bleh! :D ahahahaha!)

    Anyway, thanks for the post it really helped to know what to expect if I really go there. :)

  12. Tin P says:

    I attended a similar trick in Boracay. But the deals were for Astoria Resorts and not Puerto del Sol. I still don’t think the free dinner buffet was worth the 3-4 hrs they wasted on our vacation. The whole vacation package was worth 500K but we didn’t take it. But in fairness to the one accommodating us, he didn’t show signs of impatience or rudeness to us (or maybe his tricks were just not working for us). The new couple beside our table did – i wonder if they are still together now.

    Several months later, I got the a message from Puerto del Sol as well but i didn’t bother to attend the seminar. I had a hunch that this might be another scam so I refused already. After coming across your blog, it just confirmed my suspicion and I’m very glad i wasted no time at all.

    I hope more people googles this out so they can be warned.

  13. jannet says:

    (a sigh of relief). thanks for the info!!

  14. Liezel says:

    thanks.this helps a lot. Got this message today and when i didnt call, they call me. What an effort for them.

    Good day This is regarding with your participation in one of our exhibit held at (MANILA OCAEN PARK) Your name has been selected by Puerto Del Sol to recieve a 3days & 2nights stay free hotel & resorts accommodation gift certificate. If interested to our promo? Please call at (02)3796612/ 6361860 or 6362883and look for MS. APRIL NACIS for some details. We’ll wait for your immediate response. Thank you.

    They schedule us t0m0rr0w and send me an0ther text message saying..

    FR0M: PUERTO DEL S0L BEACH RES0RT & H0TEL CLUB-Your certificate is 100% guaranteed free hotel & resorts accommodation for 3DAYS & 2NIGHTS STAY either BORACAY,BOHOL,PALAWAN,DAVAO,CEBU,CAMSUR & in our very own PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT BOLINAO PANGASINAN. The choice is yours! Good for 2 persons & valid for 1yr upon claiming.Your certificate is free w/no strings attach,no obligation. Purely for promotional purposes only.

    And texted me again the address..

    PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT & HOTEL-Ground Floor Renaissance Tower 1000, along Meralco Ave. Ortigas center, Pasig City
    (beside DEP. ED & ULTRA fronting ALEXANDRA CONDO.) Look for MS.APRIL your coordinator.
    (Claiming schedule):
    TOMORROW-JULY 8 at 12:30PM-3:30PM.
    Dont forget to BRING 1valid ID each, husband & wife must claim together for us to release the certificate. Kindly set aside 90mins of your time for our hotels and resorts audio visual graphic presentation as where you can choose your accommodations. We’ll discuss about the proper bookngs & releasing of gift certificate.

    glad i read this blog.thanks.

  15. Mona Lyn says:

    Hi! Say, I was scammed by Puerto Del Sol. I paid 8k plus and I wonder if I could have it refunded.

    Please advise.


  16. Sammy says:

    I am glad I came across your blog because I would have went to that “presentation” with my husband. Good thing I smelled it fishy when they started asking me about me and husband’s work before claiming my “prize” and did my research. Sino ba naman ang nanalo sa Lotto or any other promo for that matter na kelangan eh may trabaho kayo mag-asawa in order for you to claim, right? Thank you for sharing, I saved my precious time, and kahit small money lang for the travel expenses. :)




    • Mercy kaye ochoa (Baliuag south central school) says:

      same with me ma’am.. my mom also received a text from them and its also from PUREGOLD-BALIUAG kaya pala ang sabi daw ng puregold labas na sila dito at i-contatc nalang daw ung number na nklagay sa text… hmp! thank you mam. buti na lang nabasa ko agad tong mga to

    • JJ says:

      Hi Miss Virginia! Just wondering what happened to the litigation against these vile scammers because I just received a text message same as posted by others from Puerto del Sol. They are still clearly in operation. I will re-post in other social media so more people will be informed about this and be saved from wasting their time and being victimized. Thanks.

    • odie fresco says:

      hello ma’am, i was also victimized by this. may i know how did you go about and what happened to yours? thanks

  18. Aine says:

    A woman called me today saying I won a certificate from Puerto Del Sol claiming they got my name from an expo in SMEX. I was not interested at first, i thought it’s another insurance or credit card sales people but it seems this people know their craft. They will make it very palatable for anybody to resist their stuff. They are even good in getting personal information from you even in the phone. The woman told me to pick up my prize for a free 3 days and 2 nights free accommodation in nay puerto del sol hotels all over the Philippines. What a heck, it’s good i search for puerto del sol reviews and saw your blog. Otherwise i will waste my time with this people. Is there a way the owner of the boiler be arrested? The Filipino people are in danger with this people lurking around like their father the devil. Thank you for your blog. Please let this kind of information out for people to be aware and avoid being a victim of this dogs.

  19. desiree says:

    I joined Unlad Kabuhayan summit @ the World Trade Center. A day after, i got a message from The Office of Puerto Del Sol Resort & hotel. stated that: YOUR NAME HAS BEEN SELECTED TO HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATE OF 3 DAYS&2 NIGHTS FREE HOTEL AND BEACH RESORT ACCOMODATION.” buti na lang nabasa ko ang blog na to. Thanks God.

    just this morning i

  20. Rolf says:

    Nadale din kami nitong puerto del sol, I will spread this link so that the people will be aware..

  21. kymchyu says:

    my brother-in-law and I signed up a raffle ticket at their booth in trinoma last tuesday. Next day i got a text message that i won. So i immediately called up their office and looked for Ms. KC Franco she gave me instructions how to claim my GC. She said that i have only until tom (thursday ) 5:30 to 8:30pm to claim otherwise it will be forfeited then she also told me that i dont need to bring money or credit card just to prove that there is no obligation to pay anything. We have to attend a 90 minute presentation before we can get our gc. I called up my boyfriend to relay the good news; we booked a flight to kalibo next year so timing naman kc malilibre na ang accommodation namen. My mind is set na pupunta na km eng ortigas bukas para iclaim ang gc sa sobrang excited ko ngsearch ako sa net kung sang station ang Puerto del sol sa bora and VIOLA ! unang bumugad sakin ay mga blogs na nagsasabing SCAM! After that ngtxt ulit skin si Ms. KC to check kung nareceive ko ung details kung saan ang office nila. At dahil sa bad reviews nabasa ko I replied to her asking kung totoo ba na kailangan ko mag-render ng 5K for the booking. Then she answered YES at refundable or consumable naman daw un depende sa napili kong resort. What ? 5k? kalokohan! Anong assurance para mababalik sakin ung 5K ko pagkatapos naming gamitin ung GC. Wag na lang ui . then I txted her ulit na im no longer interested na. Kinuwento ko sa boyfriend ko and sa mga friends ko ang tungkol dito. Next day, Friday I got a message reminding na kelangan namen pmnta later para iclaim ung gift certificate kc prenipare na daw nila. Then naisip ko na makiride just to test kung ano isasagot ni ms. kc. I replied to her na pupunta kme mamaya and kasama ako ang Dad ko na tiga NBI. Nagreply sya agad ng “Noted thanks see u tom for sure” ha ??? then sabi ko na nakalagay sa text niya is Friday. Tas sbe nia “tom daw” so finorward ko ung text nia nakalagay na Friday. Ngreply ulit sya ng “Sorry mam by tom po ung sked namen 12 to 3pm”. Ngreply ulit ako na “Sabe mo sakin yesterday sa fone na hanggang today nalang pdeng iclaim ung gc.Hindi ka ba sure ?” tas nagreply ulit sya ng “ok mam meron din po kme tonight” . – What ? haha nakakatawa nung sinabe ko na ksama ko ang dad ko na taga nbi bigla ngibasinabe nia. After that ngtx ulit ako sa kanya pinacoconfirm ko na wala silang ioofer samin na kung ano ano na kailangan naming mag invest. Sbe ko na ayaw ng dad ko na mgaksaya ng panahon then if yes magkikita kme mamaya . Ang tagal nia magreply then afterwards tumatawag na sya. Hindi ko sinagot and tinex ko sya na nasa meeting ako itxt nalang nia kung anong concern nia. Ngreply sya ng “Mam we r not selling, this is for promotional.” Ano daw ??? hahaha hindi ako nagreply. Tas tx ng text na ok lang khet malate blah blag aantayin pa din daw kme . tas proceed nlng sa blah blah blah.. ngtx na ako na nde na kme ppnta nabasa ko sa reviews and blogs na scam. God Bless… Hahhaa Just sharing 

    Thanks sa blog !

  22. vinz says:

    I just received a text message a while ago informing me that I just won a free 3D/2N reservation with my wife to Puerto Del Sol Beach & Hotel.. I decided to make a research here online and tada! I saw your blog & just have learned their scam! Thanks for posting this blog it really helps! Makarma sana ang mga manloloko kagaya nitong sa Puerto Del Sol!!

  23. abetong says:

    thanks for the info… Good thing na may internet and people like you who makes blog like this… did recieve a text message and a call too from this scammers.

  24. arlene gonzaga says:

    I only read your blog today, me & my hubby agree to purchase co-owner of the said resort and this month is our down payment. pls advice me what to do if i cancel it wherein stated in the agreement that there is a 10k processing and legal fees

    • silver red says:

      Hi arlene… may i know what did you do? We also paid for this and im not sure if we will continue the monthly due because of this blog. :( anyway fyi to all, may binigay naman na certificate, namention kasi from above na wala daw binigay na cert.

  25. Vinchz says:

    Wow! You are our savior. My gf and I have both agreed to attend this tonight since according to the lady who contacted us, today is our last day of claiming the prize.

    People deserve to know. Thank you and God bless!

  26. beloy says:

    for the benefit of everyone… they’re still into this until now…

  27. averyl says:

    Grabe! Napadaan lang kami last Saturday sa Bridal Fair sa 168 Mall then this one guy, handed me a pen and a raffle booklet. Baka manalo daw ako ng 3d/2n hotel accommodation sa Puerto del Sol Bolinao Pangasinan. So due to excitement, at baka manalo naman kami, finill-upan ko naman agad yung details needed, name, and mobile number lang yung may check so yun lang sinagutan ko. When I gave back yung pen and ung stub, he ask me pa if working and anu position ko at ni soon-to-be-hubby ko. Bigay naman ako.

    And just now, I received a text message like sa mga usual na narereceive nyo. Excited ako syempre, manalo ka ba naman ng Hotel Accommodation eh, so even during lunch break, i called the number given and look for Ms. Mitch Torres daw. Nag-set na kami ng meeting tomorrow after office at Renaissance Tower and she told me na merong 90 mins AVP.

    At dahil dyan sa 90 mins AVP na yan, na-recall ko ang isa pang ganito ring pangyayare sa akin, a year ago. Club Ultima naman. Hindi kami pumunta dahil nag-search muna ako sa net about this bago magpunta. And tama, scam yun and I just realized na i-search ko nga rin tong Puerto Del Sol at baka scam din. At scam pa rin pala. Hayss! Napakalapit ko sa scam, I’m so gullible talaga.

    We usually visit wedding expos kasi, I’m sure dito kami nadadali. Thanks sa mga blogs na kagaya nito, kung hindi ko to nabasa, I’m sure magloloko ako. Lapit na rin kasi wedding pero wala pa kaming plan kung mag honeymoon kami dahil na rin sa budget.

    Di ako blogger pero sa pagshare ko ngayon ng na-experience ko, I hope I could help too. Fresh na fresh pa rin kasi eh. Tsk! Ingat ingat na lang din, guys!

  28. Joseph Deoquino says:

    Thanks for posting! Just like to add the text message >> Good afternoon! This is regarding your participation during wedding expo at (ngaun bago na manila auto salon car show last nov. 17, 2013 )Your name has been selected by PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT & HOTEL to receive a free hotel accommodation gift certificate fro 3 days and 2 nights stay at Boracay, Bohol, Camsur, Cebu, Davao, Palawan and Pangasinan. The certificate you will receive is guaranteed 100% free, no strings attached and no obligation! The choice is YOURS! Good for 2 persons but fare and food not included.

  29. Hazel says:

    They are still in operation. Tinawagan ako yesterday dahil nag fill up ako ng raffle coupon nila last saturday at a bridal fair in SM Megamall. Buti na lang nag research muna ako bago umattend.

    Thanks to you!

  30. reine says:

    grabe, matagal na pala itong scam na ito. hindi ba sila napapagod?

  31. ann kokeh says:

    thanks to all of you for the information. for sure me and my husband will not take the risk..


    actually manloloko nga yan. magaling sa start ang dame offer. bbigyan ka ng pinakamababa then sasabhin “ma’am kahit nmn po di nyo bayaran yung buong amort fee basta maghuhulog kayo at gumgalaw ang account nyo nakikita ng collections okay na po yun, you have 3yrs naman po to pay.” then yun ang ginawa namin grabe cla magtext.parang hindi professional ang kausap nila. ang hirap ng pakirmdam na niloko ka umpisa pa lng.

  33. cel says:

    Here’s their new scam! Just got this message yeterday a week after having a vacation at el puerto marina…

    Greetings & Congratulations! frm EL PUERTO MARINA RESORT. Thank You Very Much for ur COMMITMENT w/us w/ur SPOUSE for the COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET DINNER & the RELEASE of ur FREE ACCMDATIONS GIFT CERTIFICATE TOMORROW EVENING bet 5pm-8pm. Everything is set! After the BUFFET, kindly STAY & FINISH a 90mins AUDIO VISUAL PRESENTATION reg the destinations as to where u can choose ur accmdations frm. AFTERWHICH, the GC wil be given to u w/NO OBLIGATIONS on your part…

    Thank you for the blogger…good information to help the public with this kind of scam!

    • Peter says:

      yes it is the El Puerto marina resort! Thanks

    • Athena says:

      We accepted the offer and menber of rci 6 yrs already. We are satisfied nman so far.. Just check the timeshare company if legit first. Timesharing is not a bad thing but the illegitimate company is.

  34. MK says:

    SUBJECT: El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Vacation Raffle (NOVEMBER 2014)

    The Raffle Coupon: “Win a An-Inclusive Trip To Hong Kong Disneyland” Grand Prize (with photo of Disneyland on the raffle ticket)

    Where did I got this raffle: The Lifestyle Bazaar in Metrowalk Ortigas weekend

    Nov.16. A lady approach me to fill-up the small raffle coupon with my info to my delight I did.

    Nov. 18- Got a phone call from someone representing El Puerto Marina (EPM) and happily informed that I am the lucky of their weekly draw and won a free 3D/2N resort or hotel accommodations to either local Boracay or Palawan, or Thailand, India or Indonesia for 2 persons. Just like the catch phrase mentioned above I must attend a 90-minute promotional presentation about travel and I don’t have to bring any cash, credit card since I am not obligated to pay or purchase anything.

    Via email they sent a PDF file with the details of what prize I won. I replied with questions but got no answer. Got a call again confirming my attendance on the presentation to claim my prize.

    Nov.20- I attended together with my sister. The venue was at a 3rd F unit inside the Jollibee Centre In Ortigas. They offered a buffet dinner and after which transferred to another room with tables and people discussing in a loud voice. The music at background was annoying and I can sense that the lady that handled us made some diversion using body language like standing up from time to time, closing and opening the blinds of the window, fixing the laptop- I can tell these are forms of diversions. She talked to us in a loud voice but she seemed to be overly friendly an hour after the presentation she called this guy named Mickey (manager) to introduce me perhaps of several reasons that I could not conclude at that point. Anyway another hour passed and we are already discussing for 2 hours now she started taking us in a small room with TV and played a video. I already noticed how come the video shows an old image way back from 2007 but she said she is trying to show us how old the resort is and they had improvements just this year. It was a gruesome 2 plus hours that we had to endure. Questions about financial capability, travel activities were the focus of our conversation. And told us about time sharing.

    The Sales Pitch- the lady showed us several flyers with info and rates on each type of room for time sharing being the cheapest on the list is white membership costing about 320,000 for a studio type that can be used for 7days a year (specified dates only). needs to pay right away in the sum of 38,0000+ then monthly for 48 months of 4,000+ pesos. Upon paying the whole amount that’s the time its eligible for exchange (to other destination local and abroad) but explained further that there will be added cost depending on the destination and on top of that a yearly maintenance fee of 5,000+ must be paid. But afterwards she asked us if affordability is an issue then we answered “Yes, this is something to be considered on a long term and not to be decided on impulse after all we are talking about huge sum of money.” She changed the deal to just an initial payment right there and there of 14,000+ pesos and with monthly fee of 1 thousand plus- we thought even with that offer it would also amount to the price that they are asking.
    Our refusal: We are almost running this sales pitch for over 2 hours and at that point we told her that it is not our priority since we could travel without shelling a high amount. Then she called the manager.

    Manager: he explained that is really up to us since this offer is good only for today which included a affiliation with RCI for exchange and entailment of special deals. He went on saying that if we will not avail today we could also purchase the membership some other time but it would be on a spot cash basis and without the RCI affiliation for exchange or swapping accommodations. Then he stood up and called this lady back in.

    Final moment: The mood from being a casual fun conversation suddenly turned sour. This lady is not in the mood to even smile back but prior to that she was laughing so hard and talking in a loud manner perhaps she knew that I will not give in to their proposal which I can hardly tell if its bogus or not. Then she stood up and returned to our table then handed me a flyer and a white paper with certificate number and my name on it.

    What’s on the white paper (prize):
    the white paper is inside a yellow flyer. The yellow flyer has my name handwritten on top and printed word “Congratulations” in big text at the center. Then followed by ” You have been selected to receive as special gift of- FREE luxury Accommodations Locally and Internationally from El Puerto Marina Beach Resort” Inside this yellow flyer are the terms of conditions.

    White paper form: Logo of the resort on top. Blanks for name 1 and 2. Reservation dates with 2 blank lines and locations with small line (to be checked) for India, Thailand, Indonesia, Boracay and Palawan. Choose 3 destinations and 3 preferred travel dates. Not valid on peak season and subject to availability. If available a confirmation will follow immediately.

    *This is just to summarize. recipients will stay for a max of 3 days and 2 nights.
    *Redemption is valid only for 30 days starting on the date of issuance. (the date of issuance is written below the certificate number on the lower right portion of the white slip).
    *Booking fee of Php5,000 is required when booking but refundable upon vacation stay completion and must be paid when submitting the booking form (I am not sure if this is the certificate white paper form).
    *Redeeming and booking is only available through their office.
    *Upon redemption the validity of the certificate is only up to 6 months. *Bookings are subject to availability.
    *Management has the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.

    Whew! That was long but I just want to share for public awareness.

    You decide whether this is right, just and fair. I just reported what happened to me tonight to enlighten others.

    I am still contemplating on claiming my “prize”. And I intend to choose any open date within the period of six months and will opt to stay in whatever resort or hotel local or International is available. This will test if this raffle is genuine since I have my options open.

    Let’s see and I will let you know and would definitely blog about this. Reading the above experiences somehow showed that this is a shady marketing scheme (scam?). It’s like being trap for over an hour or two and pushed to buy some time share from this resort.

    -Lavishly Parsimonious Blogspot dot Com

  35. Sinjun says:

    2015 na may similar text din natanggap about this El Puerto Marina raffle. This time sa may Matutinas restaurant sa Urdaneta sila nagpa-fill up. Here is the message:

    “Greetings & Congratulations! frm EL PUERTO MARINA RESORT. Thank You Very Much for ur COMMITMENT w/us w/ur SPOUSE for the COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET DINNER & the RELEASE of ur FREE ACCMDATIONS GIFT CERTIFICATE TOMORROW EVENING bet 5pm-8pm. Everything is set! After the BUFFET, kindly STAY & FINISH a 90mins AUDIO VISUAL PRESENTATION reg the destinations as to where u can choose ur accmdations frm. AFTERWHICH, the GC wil be given to u w/NO OBLIGATIONS on ur part.
    We are located @ the 3rd FLR. rm. 305 JOLLIBEE CENTRE BLDG. SAN MIGUEL AVE. BRGY. SAN ANTONIO ORTIGAS CENTER PASIG CITY (at the bck of SHANGRILA infrnt of LOURDES SCHOOL near RICHMOND HOTEL besides PHILHEALTH PASIG & HANSTON SQUARE) Kindly look for MR. JARED GAYOSO to assist you. (RAIN/SHINE, TRAFFIC OR NO TRAFFIC everything wil push thru) PARKING is @ the bck of the bldg. GOLD LOOP DRIVE. It wil be a pleasure to see you BOTH! MORE POWER & GOD BLESS!
    You have NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO BUY OR PURCHASE ANYTHING frm US. ITS A GUARANTEED GIFT of a FREE HOTEL STAY. You have a COMPLIMENTARY BUFFET DINNER w/ us just our way of saying THANK YOU for participating in our exhibit at MATUTINAS RESTAURANT . And the reason why u have a GIFT is bec. among those who participated in our exhibit your are ONE OF THE SELECTED! PURELY ADVERTISEMEMT on our part WE WIL EXPECT YOU HERE!”

  36. Peter says:

    Thanks so much! I just got that in time. I was suppossed to go this evening to their presentation. My wife was already dressed to go! We just went on a date instead! I was already suspicious and kept searching the net! Your post and a vew others confirmed my doubts!

  37. jimmycdo says:

    oo nga eh… RCI talaga scammer :D
    Kahit hindi discounted price 16,000 every month is still cheaper than 400,000 or 700,000 lol

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