Italianni’s Food Review

My wife and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at Italianni’s in Greenbelt 2 mall. We went during dinnertime and were seated at the 2nd floor. Italianni’s is one of our old favorite dating places, but we usually visit once a month because it is a bit expensive. It is also the restaurant where we first had lunch after I popped the question. Anyway, enough about me, let’s go to the food.

My suki card. They call it Bistro Frequent Foodie, BFF.

Complimentary bread (Free)
You can buy these at your nearest Bizu Bakeshop. The inside is soft but the crust is crunchy. Comes with a balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil dressing.

Four Seasons Fruit Shake Php 140.00
I usually order the Grape Fruit Shake (not Grapefruit!), but decided to try something new for a change. It was good to find out that my experiment was a success, the taste has a good balance of mango, pineapple, orange and some other fruit (can’t tell).

Grape Fruit ShakePhp Php 140.00
Our favorite, you can see bits of the grape on the drink but you won’t feel it, probably took some time on the blender.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Php 350.00
Italianni’s famous huge homemade meatballs, served with spaghetti in our signature marinara sauce.
I only ordered the smallest serving (lunch) because I wasn’t feeling too hungry at that time. But it was still enough to satisfy my hunger. The meatball was very delicious, you can actually taste the meat and not the food extender nor the food binder that was used.

Fish Fillet Cartoccio Php 395.00
Seasoned dory fish and vegetables baked with butter, wine and spices. Served with garlic rice on the side.
The fish was steamed and it tasted very light and smooth. There was a hint of wine on the sauce but not strong enough to overpower the butter and other spices. It tasted very good.

Garlic Rice (included in the previous meal)
Garlic rice or kanin na may bawang… :D

Panna Cotta Php 295.00
Italian vanilla custard made fresh daily. Served with your choice of sauces: mango, blueberry or honey with walnuts
The pièce de résistance of our dinner. My wife is crazy for Panna Cotta, it is the first thing she looks for in the dessert section of the menu. So it was no surprise that our dessert was Mango flavored (her favorite fruit) Panna Cotta. But I admit that this was the best Panna Cotta I had. It was firm enough to hold its form without the mold but was smooth and creamy once inside the mouth. Literally melts in your mouth and not on the spoon. I also like the grazie spelled in chocolate, which we also devoured. :D

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3 Responses to Italianni’s Food Review

  1. jimmycdo says:

    hahahah gogogo! excited na ako makakita ng mga pro shot posts mo. :D Mas maganda camera mo eh hahaha

  2. Mich says:

    Panna Cotta – best evaarrr! :p

    Next month ulit? LOL

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