Edu Manzano’s Absurdly Disturbing Testimonial about Tempur

We passed by Eastwood Mall yesterday and saw a Tempur showcase in the middle of the mall. Tempur is a company that sells memory pillows that are super comfortable but also super expensive. While walking away from the showcase I chanced upon a Tempur tarpaulin ad with the following text:

“Other than my Mother’s womb, it’s only on a Tempur mattress that I have felt rested, secure and eager to face the world the next day. Thank you TEMPUR!!!!!” – Edu Manzano, Actor and Host

Edu Manzano On Tempur

Edu Manzano On Tempur

I can’t decide whether he was really serious with his comment or just trying too hard to sound smart. Either way, it sounded mind-numbingly disturbing and I hope he does a faceplam of shame when he actually sees this ad.

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