Driving from Makati to UP Los Baños, Philippines

My auntie from Canda was teaching in UP Los Baños as a visitng professor last weekend. We took this opportunity to visit her in campus before her teaching stint ended and she flies back to Canada. Guess who was the designated driver? Yep, that’s me. I have been to the campus several times before, but I used to take the bus and usually slept all the way, so I couldn’t get much from that experience. Here is the route that we took from Makati to UP Los Baños Laguna.

We began somewhere to the north of Makati, so to get to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) we had to take a left from Malugay Street into SLEX. You have to use Malugay Street since you can’t make a left turn from Buendia to SLEX. Also note that Malugay Street is one-way BUT it becomes a two-way street at the Mayapis cor. Malugay intersection, so you have to take Mayapis before getting on Malugay. Here’s a picture to get a better understanding of what I am talking about.


*Radial Road 3 is SLEX (dunno why Google maps made it into Radial Road 3 in this area)

If you are heading from farther north and taking the EDSA route then just stay on EDSA until you see the Magallanes MRT station flyovers (there are a lot of forks in the flyovers so take the routes with SLEX on the sign). This flyover is just after the Magallanes MRT station which is the next station after the Ayala MRT station. Here’s picture that might help if you take this EDSA-SLEX route.


It is up to you whether you want to take the Skyway (think of it as SLEX 2nd floor) or stay on the normal SLEX route. Just remember that the new Skyway, which ends at Alabang and merges with SLEX, is more expensive (additional 80+ pesos) but less traffic (almost nonexistent). In my opinion, the new Skyway is useful for the return trip to Metro Manila because of the hellish Bicutan traffic (thanks to trucks on their way back to the Metro). Total cost for using SLEX one way including Skyway toll was 256 Php.

Now that you are in SLEX it will be quite a long drive before you make a right at the Calamba Exit. This exit is after Silangan exit and the Canlubang exit, so if you start seeing one of those exits, then keep your eyes peeled for the Calamba exit.



*the blue route is a shortcut but it is a narrow road so you have to be careful.

If taking the red route, go inside the SM City Calamba inner road (there is a huge sign saying to Los Baños) to make a detour and avoid ONE HELL OF A TRAFFIC JAM! Yes, jeepneys, tricycles, trucks, taxis and etc. anything with wheels you’ll probably encounter it here. It really is a crazy traffic jam at the Aguinaldo/National Highway intersection at the corner of SM City Calamba. So I suggest you take the shortcut or SM detour.

So now you will be on the Aguinaldo/National Highway making your way to Los Baños. Take note, once you got off the SLEX Calamba Exit you’re already in Calamba Laguna (Rizal, the Philippine’s national playboy… I meant hero’s birthplace). It will be a straight ride until you see a Mall named Olivarez Plaza Mall (on your left), after this mall you will see a Mercury drug establishment (on your right) at an intersection in the road and you need to make a right. Stay on that road and you will arrive at the UP Los Baños campus gates. Goodluck and have a safe trip. :D



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  1. Mich says:

    Good attention to detail :)

  2. jimmycdo says:

    Not really. Just posting whatever comes up :D

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