Glimpses of KidZania Manila

We were given the privilege of joining the 3-day preview of Kidzania (with hugely discounted rates) before they opened to the public on August 7, 2015. Situated in Fort Bonifacio Global City, near Serendra area, it was a city within a city. Kids aged 4-14 years old are in for a treat as education and entertainment are bundled together to give kids a taste of adult world with kiddie-sized facilities. They get to earn and spend kidZos (Kidzania local currency) as they play various adult roles, thus learning and appreciating the value of money. According to the KidZania Manila website, “Role-play helps kids understand and experience the adult world. Kids can try out being firefighters, pilots, journalists, or urban farmers – in a kid-sized environment just for them!“. Parents of toddlers need not fret, as there were a couple of areas specially allocated for toddlers aged 1-3 years old.

Our toddler alternated between RightZkeeper’s House and RightZkeeper’s School. But we got to go around the play city and capture glimpses in pictures uploaded in this blog entry, so you can enjoy the preview as well. Visit if you want to know more about the fun and educational things KidZania can offer.

Once you’re ready for adventure, book your ticket at Take advantage of discounted rates until October 7, 2015. Regular prices take effect from October 8, 2015 onwards.


(Ticket prices exclusive of service charge; Prices subject to change without prior notice)
Fri – Sun Mon-Thu
Kids (4 to 14 years old) Php 1,000.00 Php 750.00
Toddlers (1 to 3 years old) Php 550.00 Php 420.00
Adults (15 years old and above) Php 550.00 Php 420.00


(Ticket prices exclusive of service charge; Prices subject to change without prior notice)
Fri – Sun Mon-Thu
Kids (4 to 14 years old) Php 1,100.00 Php 900.00
Toddlers (1 to 3 years old) Php 600.00 Php 500.00
Adults (15 years old and above) Php 600.00 Php 500.00


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Blacklisted Philippine couriers: Metrowide and Philfox

We have been users of Xend for years now. Xend used to be the only low-cost courier in the market, but nowadays we have more options, supposedly. Others offer much cheaper rates than Xend so we thought of trying them out. So far, we’ve only tried two other low-cost couriers, and both attempts were failures.


Wanting to try it out given its lower Metro Manila rates, we created an account in 2013 and tried to schedule a package pick-up the following day. Our package was never picked up.

It was unfortunate as they appeared promising – with the ease of online booking and the email confirmations (screenshot below). But the most important part of the service – the actual fulfillment of the service – it failed. We couldn’t even experience the delivery part, because the pick-up never materialized. Needless to say, we’re not booking with Metrowide Express again.



Apparently, “booked” does not necessarily mean it will get picked up.



Just recently we tried to register with another promising courier – Philfox, attracted to its low Metro Manila rates and slightly lower provincial rates (compared to Xend). Online booking was easy, and we hoped to have a successful delivery so that we’d have an alternative courier. We even instructed to bring extra waybills and pouches, looking forward to future deliveries.



But alas, Philfox stood us up. It’s ~9pm as I’m writing this and I doubt they’re coming at this time of the night. We tried calling their landline and mobile and also sent an SMS to their mobile earlier, during their supposedly office hours, but never got any response. Landlines were either busy or ringing with no one picking up, while their mobile “cannot be reached”.


We then had the unfortunate duty of informing our customer about the bad news – her package would be delayed because the courier didn’t show up to pick-up the package.


It’s very frustrating to encounter these from a seller’s POV, and for sure disappointing for our customers as well. Enough to make one wary of trying out newer low-cost couriers. Let this serve as a warning to people thinking of trying out their services. We’re probably better off with other couriers. There are a lot of other options out there. We don’t need to stick with couriers like these who don’t have a proven track record yet but have the gall to not to honor their commitments. Yes, the moment they (or their system/site) confirmed the booking is the moment they committed. Yet they did not deliver, in more ways than one.

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My Foodpanda Experience

Nowadays, online ordering is becoming a norm and an option often provided by restaurants for delivery apart from calling a hotline number. Foodpanda recently acquired City Delivery, one of the two big delivery service provider in the country (the other one being Quick Delivery). This year, I’ve had several experiences ordering with various restaurants and establishments in Foodpanda, and this review gives the lowdown on the good and the not-so-good experiences.

The Good:

Promos and discounts – free delivery, 30% off, Php 100 off, etc., FoodPanda often offers discounts, at least as of this writing. Not sure if it’s just during the beginning while FoodPanda is establishing itself or it will go on in the future – it remains to be seen. In any case, this definitely entices would-be customers into browsing their menus and ordering food to be delivered at their convenience.

Wide array of restaurants and food establishments – from fast food to fine dining, from appetizers to desserts, from burgers to main courses, FoodPanda would have an establishment to cater to your tastes. And folks with a sweet tooth need not despair, it also offers a wide selection of desserts for delivery, including guilt-free indulgences such as sugar-free variants from the likes of Catherine’s Cakes and Pies or Lia’s Cakes in Season.

Ease of navigating the website for online ordering – enough said. Haven’t tried the downloadable app though.


Areas for Improvement:

1. Hotline 87878 not fully functional

I’ve call this number a lot of times and the person on the other line keeps hanging up. I was asked to call back because there were food items I ordered that were unavailable, but there was no way to call back, not through the mobile number used to call me nor through the hotline. FoodPanda needs to be able to provide a number to air or follow up on concerns which need immediate response. This wasn’t a problem with City Delivery, but is consistently a problem with after being acquired by FoodPanda. Currently the only way to contact them is via email, which doesn’t really get immediate response, and is not an appropriate medium for raising and following up on order concerns that need immediate response.

2. Logistics

On one time my pre-ordered food was delivered a day early. We needed it by a particular date for an event, that’s why we marked it as an advanced order. On the other hand, I have read others’ comments about the opposite – delayed delivery – this is the more common complaint.

In relation to this, lack of info of riders – had experience with riders not knowing whether the food was already paid for or not, or a rider asking me to pay a delivery in full when it was already partially paid for online (the only reason it wasn’t fully paid online was because there were additional orders because apparently the merchant had a minimum amount for delivery but the site was not configured or had no info on that minimum amount).

One of my more recent experiences was being charged a full amount by the rider even if my foodpanda order confirmation showed the voucher amount being deducted and the discounted total. I had to show a screenshot to the rider. I did pay just the discounted total. But it highlights the fact that sometimes information gets lost along the way, from the order taking to the delivery. They should be more coordinated.

3. Inconsistent confirmations

Some orders would send SMS and email confirmation, some would not, which leaves one wondering if the orders that did not receive confirmation would arrive. If advised to contact them to confirm, see problem # 1 – hotline is not functional. For now, it’s my habit not to close the order confirmation page after ordering online (or if I had to close the page I’d take a screenshot), because it contains the details of my order and the amount, plus discounts/deductions. This would come in handy in case of disputes, especially since as illustrated in point # 2, there can be a disconnect at times.

4. Food handling

I ordered cupcakes from Sweet Ants Bakeshop and received disclaimer from FoodPanda that icing may stick on the box or melt – that’s fine with me. But I did not expect that some of the cupcakes would be turned upside down, especially when it was properly packaged by the merchant with holes that set apart each cupcake from each other to avoid them from sticking together. Having the cupcakes turned upside down, with icing all over the top cover, could only be a result of mishandling – like when the whole box was turned upside down – that’s negligence and mishandling, not the normal minimal damage expected from deliveries. Below image shows a snapshot of how it looked like upon receipt – cupcakes were all over the place, some had their icings messed up, while some cupcakes were cracked. Like I said, not your normal delivery damage.

If I’m not mistaken, for some merchants they provide their own riders to make their own deliveries, while for some they make use of FoodPanda riders. In any case, it should be transparent to the customers, i.e., we don’t need to know who’s responsible for the delivery, just that we receive our food in a presentable manner accurately and on time.

5. Incomplete information on the site

Some would have minimum amounts or would need pre-order but not stated on the site, you’ll know only when food panda calls you up after you order and tells you that requirement. Or some would have options like ice and sugar levels for milk tea drinks but not in the options (only way to indicate is to note in a free text field but as with my experience, it’s not 100% reliable, and can get missed out). Moreover, some merchants that offer pre-ordered items do not have the option for “Later” delivery, which does not make sense. Again, only way to indicate is to note in a free text field – this field is a catch-all for anything you want to instruct.

6. Refund delays

Lesson learned: do not pay online. Because you don’t know if your order’s available. And from experience, more than half of my orders had unavailable food items. As of this writing, my refund for an April transaction is still yet to be received (reference order # p0en-e4qv/1, refund request # request # 1350958).

8. Accuracy of orders

I ordered Happy Lemon drinks with no sugar and no ice noted on the instruction but all were delivered with 100% sugar and 100% ice, the total opposite, as we can see below.


I just wasted Php500 on drinks I could not drink because I was scaling down on sugar intake.  If I had put some allergy warnings, with the way the instructions were not followed, I would have had an allergy attack already.

In summary, the concept of FoodPanda is good and promising, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I do hope they use the customers’ feedback to continuously improve their service, in order to succeed in this competitive business.


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Makati Park and Garden: Reservation Fail

Makati Park and Garden’s reservation system should have a disclaimer that reads: “Reserve at your own risk.” Apparently a reservation slip does not actually guarantee you a reservation even if you’ve fully paid – you can still get bumped off your time slot.

Unfortunately we did not know this could happen when we booked the reservation. We were not able to read about it in forums or blogs nor hear about it from someone’s firsthand experience. But unfortunately, it happened to us. FAIL.

Not that it was easy to book a slot. We had to secure a barangay certificate so we could avail of the Makati resident rate (currently at Php 5,000). Then we couldn’t book too early (we’ve been calling almost every month since early this year) because they don’t accept reservations too early – most likely to gauge the schedule of government functions that would need the use of this public venue. So we couldn’t book other suppliers until we were sure we had a venue for our date – there was a risk that our preferred suppliers would no longer be available but that was a risk we understood and took, because we wanted to use Makati Park and Garden for our event, because it was reasonably priced for its capacity. Then when the time came when they would accept reservations for our event date, all Saturdays were already unavailable – presumably blocked off for the government. Some Sundays were unavailable as well. One would think, at this point, that whatever upcoming political events having Makati Park and Garden as its venue would have already been factored in, and more. We settled for the Sunday the week before our originally planned event date.

When we came to the mayor’s office to pay and finalize our reservation, the elevators were broken – only one was functioning. Of course, that led to a very long line of people at the lobby (which, by the way, was not air-conditioned). The lobby was jam-packed with sweaty people waiting to use the one and only lift – waiting time was at least an hour. We couldn’t very well climb the stairs up to the 20+ floor. When we finally reached the office we were fourth in line and waited about 20 minutes for our turn. Unfortunately, that was not the end of the reservation process as we had to go to the 3rd floor to pay the cashier and go back to the 21st floor to give the receipt to the person in charge. Took almost 3 hours for the whole process, after what we went through, it was a huge sigh of relief.

Or so we thought.

A couple of months before our event date we got a call from the mayor’s office asking if we wanted to move our reservation to Saturday instead of Sunday because they wanted to use the facility for a government event. We did not answer immediately, saying we still had to check with our suppliers, though in our minds we were thinking, “We originally wanted a Saturday and you said all Saturdays of that month were booked, now you want us to move to a Saturday? So it was available all along?” After much thought and discussions we politely declined because we had booked most of our suppliers already for that date. Plus our parents had already booked their flights to attend the party. We thought that was that. To our dismay, we faced the same dilemma the month after, when we got another dreaded call asking us to move our reserved time – we could start setting up only at 4pm because they’d be using the place for another event until then. Factoring in three hours preparation time (as per our balloon/decor supplier), that would mean the kiddie party would turn into a late dinner party. That just won’t do – we can’t ask babies and kids to stay up late, and we had to be considerate to guests coming in from the north/south area especially those with babies/kids. And even if we pushed through with our event at a later time at Makati Park and Garden, there’s no guarantee they will let us in on the allotted later time if the government event extended beyond their time slot. There’s just too many uncertainties.

At this point, we knew we had no choice. Even if we had fully paid and reserved the date and time slot, ad hoc government events still hold priority. What’s more baffling was – they already blocked off certain dates for government functions (which was why we had difficulties reserving a date then), how come we’re still being bumped off if we were allowed to reserve this time slot? What’s more unfair was that we had no idea this could happen – we thought “reserved” actually meant “reserved”. Apparently, they have a different meaning for this word. Had we known, we would have chosen a different venue. The uncertainties and worries are simply not worth saving a few thousands of bucks. We’d rather pay for a slightly higher-priced venue knowing our reservation will hold until the day itself, than reserve a cheaper venue with the possibility of being bumped off anytime.

And so we rushed to find another venue, searching online, asking friends, calling up places. Didn’t get much sleep that night. Luckily, the following day we were able to find one that was still available on our event date and still within the Makati area. We booked it right away, even if it meant we had to shell out more bucks for this slightly higher-priced venue, at least we had the same definition for the word “reserved”.

Let this experience be a warning to everyone planning to use Makati Park and Garden for their event. We hope this does not happen to you.

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Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

We are expecting a new baby girl into our lives. Such a major life-changing event requires a lot of preparation. It’s a good thing that Mandaue Foam offers furniture that suits our needs. A new bookcase is important to hold all those baby books and children’s books, and several new cabinets to hold our baby’s clothes.


A new bookcase to hold all the pregnancy, childbirth, babycare, and children’s books that my wife has bought. Also a good expansion for my ever-growing comic book collection. The sliding glass makes this bookshelf a great buy as it protects the books inside from dust but at the same time does not hide it from view.


A great place to store my wife’s expanding wardrobe, further increased by her maternity clothes. The simple yet elegant design is a good match for the color of room.


A cute looking cabinet for our baby, a perfect match.
You can also watch Mandaue Foam’s newest TV commercial

Your home, your imagination.

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North Park Food Review

We didn’t plan on eating at another chinese restaurant so soon, but we felt obligated to eat here because it was the only restaurant at The Strip, where we parked our car. This is cheaper than parking in The Medical City because the parking rates in the hospital is just ridiculously high. A friend later suggested we park at the Rockwell Business Center (not the one in Makati), so we should try that next time. And that’s it for Manila’s parking woes and how we ended up eating again at a another chinese restaurant too soon, so onto the food!

Beef with Wanton Noodles (regular size) Php 148.00

They are offering whole wheat noodles, which is rare for Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. So I grabbed the opportunity and ordered the thick whole wheat noodles because I’m health conscious that way. ;) The soup stock tasted great even though I barely tasted the MSG (I don’t think there was any), and the beef tendon was soft and chewy just the way I like it.

A slow food classic. Flavorful, gelatinous achilles beef tendons with paper-thin flour skin filled with diced pork and shrimp.


Fresh Prawn Dumpling Hakao (3 pcs.) Php 139.00

Our appetizer, which was the first one to arrive. I had to take pictures quickly because my wife was already itching to snatch the dimsums off the plate. It was good, standard fare Hakao –  2 shrimps wrapped in gluten skin and steamed.

Made from 100% pure sea-caught prawns enveloped in gluten skin.

Lechon Macau over Fried Rice Php 238.00

Fried rice topped with delicious crispy lechon dripping with unhealthy goodness. So good yet so bad!

Charcoal broiled crispy, juicy pork belly. Served with egg fried rice.

Complimentary House Tea

A standard requirement for Chinese restaurants.

North Park branches have been sprouting up everywhere in the Metro. I guess this is nothing surprising because they serve quality Chinese food at an inexpensive price. I like the place as they also generously supply tissues along with the good food.

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Kenny Rogers Roasters Food Review

Kenny Rogers, not the singer but the restaurant. Ironically, a lot of Filipinos associate the name to a restaurant rather than the famous singer. But then again, Kenny Rogers is known in the US and not so much in the Philippines (at least in my generation ;) ), so it’s only logical we pinoys find out about the singer after going to his restaurant. Yes, you can call it his restaurant because he started up the franchise together with the CEO of KFC. Anyway, enough about restaurant trivia and onto the food!

Classic Healthy Plate Php 199.00

Roasted 1/4 chicken oozing with juicy goodness, served with fresh vegetable and fruit salad. I love this meal primarily because it does not include white rice by default, not that Corn Muffin is healthier than white rice, but studies have shown that 3-4 cups of white rice a day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes a LOT.

1/4 Roast Chicken, Vegetable Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad, Corn Muffin and Kenny’s Lite Iced Tea

Grilled Fish Fillet Php 195.00

We chose the Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes as the regular side dish. It is one of my favorite side dishes and it’s a healthier alternative to white rice. My order, the Classic Healthy plate, does not allow me to choose the siding for my meal. Luckily, my wife loves my fresh fruit side dish, so she let me choose the side dish for her meal and we just had a swap! PERFECT! :D

Fish Fillet, 1 Regular Side Dish, and Garlic Rice

Kenny Rogers Roasters used to be at the bottom of my wife’s restaurant list, but ever since they introduced healthy meal options, she’s now a big fan. We love the way Kenny Rogers Roasters reinvented itself to appeal to the health conscious group of people, yes, people like us! LOL. So if you’re craving for healthy restaurant food, where else but Kenny’s?

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House of Minis Food Review

Another one of those classic food vendor/stall that’s usually our default when we’re not in the mood to explore the Glorietta foodcourt. We eat here if we’re craving for affordable steaks and other meals on a hot plate.

Filet Mignon

One of the more expensive steak cuts (a specific area of the tenderloin), Filet Mignon is my favorite if cooked medium-well to preserve the beef flavor. Usually wrapped in bacon to maximize the unhealthy but terribly delicious beef and bacon taste, the steak is served with a cupful of gravy (you can ask for another helping), soup of the day, and some vegetables on the side.

This is one of my favorite food vendor/stall in the foodcourt. My wife and I used to eat here every time we go to the mall, but that was when we were younger and not the least bit conscious of our health. Highly recommended if you’re up for steaks and on a budget, it is also important to note that there is a significant price difference when you eat at a House of Minis branch not located in a food court – those tend to be more expensive.

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David’s Tea House Food Review

The first time that I ate at this restaurant was with my parents. This occurred long before the major Greenbelt 5 renovation, so it was less crowded back then and there were still a lot of shops along Legazpi street. My parents were visiting me during my first year of work here in Manila and they were staying in a hotel near Greenbelt 1. It was nearing lunchtime so I brought my girlfriend along since she likes to eat out. We decided to eat at David’s Tea House because it looked like your typical Chinese restaurant, complete with that menu full of unusual food codes like H01 to H65.

So fast-forward a few years and now we’re back, but it’s just me and my ex-girlfriend (promoted to wife) this time around. Here’s what we had.

Hot Prawn Salad Php 425.00

It was unusual that my wife was not familiar with this dish, even though her family owns a Chinese restaurant. I still remember how she made a face (unknowingly) when my mom ordered Hot Prawn Salad. She looked at me funny when I told her that  it’s a Chinese delicacy. But she’s now a big fan after tasting it for the first time, so we ordered this again.

Lemon Chicken Php 245.00

Also another classic Chinese dish, fried chicken fillet smothered in lemon and orange sauce.

White Rice Php 40.00

Complimentary House Tea

As with all chinese restaurants, they serve black tea.

Still good throughout the years and one of the few surviving restaurants along Legazpi Street in Greenbelt 1. I like restaurants that generously supply tissues and David’s Tea House is one such restaurant.  Highly recommended if you prefer Chinese food in a more traditional/older atmosphere.

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Go Greek Food Review

One of the more unique establishments in Glorietta 4 Foodcourt. Go Greek opened sometime around 2 years ago and we’re happy to note that it is still around as of this date. As the company’s name implies, it serves Greek/Mediterranean food such as: Gyros, Kebabs and etc.

Gyro Platter (Mixed Meat) Php 235.00

You have the option to choose the kind of meat for the Gyro Platter (chicken, pork, mixed meat, lamb or falafel) and rice or potatoes for the side dish. Our favorite is the mixed meat version because the different meats blend well with each other. Drizzled with Lemon Mustard sauce with an extra helping of Cucumber and Yogurt dip on the side, this dish is a healthy yet delicious gastronomic experience.

A little bit pricey for a Foodcourt meal, but it is definitely worth it. This is one of the healthier options in the standard fare served the Glorietta 4 Foodcourt.


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Pancake House Food Review

The PHI or Pancake House Inc. (publicly listed in the PSE: PCKH) led by Martin Lorenzo, was one of the first restaurants he acquired (Feb. 15, 2000) to begin his rapid expansion into the Philippine restaurant industry. Now, Pancake House Inc. has the following restaurant chains under it’s belt: Dencio’s, Teriyaki Boy, Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, Le Coeur de France, The Chicken Rice Shop, and Yellow Cab. Anyway, enough about restaurant trivia and onto the food! Continue reading

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World Chicken Food Review

One of the oldest food stalls in Glorietta 4, World Chicken has been around for as long as I can remember. The stalls around it have changed so many times and yet this stall has outlasted them all. It’s no small wonder because the food they serve is not only cheap but also tastes good. World Chicken is similar to a Kenny Rogers setup, where you can choose a combination of chicken and several kinds of sidings that accompany your meal. Continue reading

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How to Make Avocado Pudding

One of my childhood favorites, finding a big bowl of Tupperware in the refrigerator on Sunday mornings meant that mom was in the mood to make Avocado pudding (or maybe Avocado was just in season). So at the behest of my pregnant wife, I “decided” (a synonym of “ordered”) to whip up my own batch.

It’s a very easy recipe, even someone unfamiliar with cooking/food preparation can do this.

You need  the following:

  • blender
  • ice cubes –> 1 ice cube : 2 avocado (1:2 serving ratio or 1:2 cups)
  • Avocado
  • condensada (as per my sister’s advice, you can substitute this for sugar and milk)

Step 1: Cut up the Avocado symmetrically (both sides look the same). Do not cut through the tough seed, go around it.

Step 2: Take out the seed and scoop out the Avocado meat.

Step 3: Put the ice cubes and the Avocado meat in the blender. Press whatever needs to be pressed and look at swirling pieces of ice and fruit.

Step 4: When the mixture comes to a smooth and thick consistency, you may now begin putting condensada or sugar+milk. The quantity depends on your taste (if you have a sweet tooth, you may increase the condensada portion or vice versa). Just remember to do a taste test to get the desired outcome.



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